Big Data Analytics Needs Highly Capable Digital Platforms


    Oct 10, 2018

    Big Data Analytics has become an essential component of enterprises’ digital transformation strategies.
    Maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-changing landscape comes with many data challenges.  As business moves away from the “Process Driven” model and towards “Data Driven”, the landscape is changing considerably.  Big Data Analytics is helping business harness data and use it to identify new opportunities. This provides businesses with better insights, which leads to smarter, more efficient, and faster decisions.
    According to several Gartner Reports on Big Data Analytics, “Cost reduction”, “Faster and better decision making” and “Establishing new products and services” were among the highest benefits where Big Data is part of a data strategy.  With the ability to gauge customer needs and satisfaction through analytics comes the power to give customers what they want.  The benefits of Big Data Analytics, according to Forbes, Gartner and Forester, are maximized when the digital platforms used are equipped with state of the art Artificial Intelligence capabilities.
    Based on core capabilities such as chips, algorithms, and architecture design, Huawei has built a digital platform that provides AI chips and terminals; AI-enhanced cloud infrastructure that supports computing, storage, and communications; and an AI enablement platform that includes a Big Data platform, video cloud PaaS, and Enterprise Intelligence (EI).
    A digital platform with device-cloud synergy can systematically inject the AI applications developed by partners into the digital neurons of enterprises, and apply to supply chain, delivery, R&D, market, finance, and governance domains, to promote enterprises’ overall digital transformation. With an industry-leading ICT digital platform, Huawei aims to provide the best AI application performance and experience, simplify application development, and enable quick application release.
    Check out Huawei’s AI strategy at Huawei Connect and click on the link for more information about device-cloud-pipe and AI synergy

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