Educating Young ICT Talent

ByHoly Ranaivozanany

April 11, 2019

Holy Ranaivozanany

Continued advances in technology belies the talent crunch in ICT that exists on a global scale. Areas that face a growing shortage of skilled workers include data science, AI, cyber security, and network infrastructure. Here are some of the local initiatives that we’re running to nurture interest in the field and serve as a spingboard for next-gen talent.

Indigenous Youth Education in Australia

For the fifth consecutive year, we’ve been supporting indigenous youth education through our partnership with the Clontarf Foundation in Australia. Our overall contribution accounts for a US$250,000 since 2015.

The partnership includes cultural exchanges between the two organizations, including Clontarf alumni visits to China to experience Huawei’s R&D centers and manufacturing halls.

Huawei also supports the Clontarf Foundation with the latest Huawei smartphones, WiFi and video conferencing equipment to better connect staff and management.

Robokidz Education in Uzbekistan

Contributing to youth and STEM education is one of Huawei Uzbekistan’s priorities. We partnered with Robokidz Education to support young talent in the area of robot techniques and IT technologies.

Robokidz aims to help kids learn the key laws of physics, statics, and kinematics and to develop the skills that will benefit them in the future, including logical and systemic thinking.

Trip of Love in the Ukraine

Since 2016, we’ve been running the Trip of Love program to provide the some of the nation’s most vulnerable social groups and with access to digital technologies. Each year, employees from Huawei Ukraine visit the special secondary boarding school for children in Mostyshche, Kyiv region.

We’ve donated things like Huawei tablets, digital TVs, gym and kitchen equipment, and toys.

Other things we’ve been up to in the Ukraine include working with Kiev Geriatric Pension to help repair their central building and, in 2018, we donated Wi-Fi equipment to a hospital Feofaniya so patients could access the Internet and doctors could conduct telemedicine.

Click the links for more information about Huawei’s Seeds for the Future program and our Digital Inclusion initiative Tech4ALL.

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