What's On the Agenda At Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2019?

ByRichard Griffiths

April 16, 2019

Richard Griffiths

Many of us at Huawei spend our working lives in a constant dialogue with the industry. It’s a two-way flow of information: we share our vision of the future and our customers tell us why it won’t be quite so easy to get there. Together, we plot a path through the pain points and achieve success. But we don’t just talk to customers. Analysts are a cross between business journalists and technology experts and they have a strong influence on how companies are perceived in the market.

Each year, we invite the top telco and ICT industry analysts from around the world to Shenzhen and engage in a series of open discussions about the industry and Huawei’s leading role. Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS) 2019 takes place this week and if you stumble across the correct hotel in Shenzhen, then you won’t be able to move for technology analysts and Huawei executives sharing the latest industry news over endless coffees.

The Summit is an invitation-only event so not everyone will be admitted. But, I can share with you the main talking points.

HAS 2019 is a mix of keynote speeches, dedicated tracks, and roundtable discussions between analysts, Huawei, and our partners.

Day 1

It kicked off this morning with a keynote speech by Ken Hu, our Deputy Chairman. Mr. Hu’s speech touched on how 5G connectivity is already changing industries with eMBB and what 5G will look like in 2025. We can, he says, expect 6.5 million base stations, 2.8 billion users, and 58% of the world covered.

He also explained how 5G will trigger the tipping point for VR and AR in this year; how AI is accelerating cloud adoption; why an all-industry, full-society approach is necessary to cement trust in the digital world; and the aims of Huawei’s initiative for digital inclusion: Tech4ALL.

Tweets from Tech Influencers at HAS2019

After the keynotes and Q&A with Huawei’s top executives, the Summit divides into three parallel subject-matter tracks where the discussions between Huawei’s experts and the industry’s most knowledgeable analysts will go really deep.

Track A, 5G, is going to be hugely popular on the first afternoon. We will be revealing how pioneering telcos are already commercializing this next-generation of mobile technology. Most people understand that the 5G technology from Huawei is ready for commercial deployment today, so the discussion is expected to delve deeper into the business models and new opportunities that 5G will offer including a look at how Cloud Gaming is expected to come to maturity.

We will follow this later in the afternoon with a deep dive into the other hot industry topic, Artificial Intelligence, with a look at how Huawei’s AI Cloud is enabling AI applications across multiple industries including logistics, facilities, and medicine.

While all this is taking place, Track B will explore our Enterprise business strategy with deep dives into how we are enabling the digital transformation of industry. Many of the themes of platform cloudification, 5G connectivity, and AI echo what’s happening in telecoms, but the ecosystem of software partners is very different and dependent upon the specific industry vertical. Track B continues with a look at how the network itself is becoming the intelligent glue that binds everything together.

Meanwhile, in the Consumer business, Track C will be lifting the lid on our latest mobile handsets, tablets, and PCs. Given the keen interest in our newest 5G foldable smartphone, we expect these sessions to be very lively. We will also be continuing the theme of AI in this track and showing how we are embedding AI capability into the full stack from the HiSilicon chipset upwards as well as examining our consumer IoT strategy.

Day 2

Day Two will bring the opportunity to delve even deeper into both our technologies and their commercialization as the tracks become even more specialized. In the morning we will break into five tracks focusing on: mobile broadband, carrier digital transformation, Huawei cloud and AI, optical transmission, and a final track on our government enterprise solutions. In the afternoon we will finish HAS 2019 with enterprise networking, smart energy management, IT infrastructure, the smart city, and two tracks looking at the cloudification of the core network and the use of AI to create the autonomous network.

The analysts will not just be discussing these topics with Huawei’s experts. We will be joined by numerous partners from industry and academia throughout the event. These experts help to bring the topics alive by bringing their real-world experience around the table. For example, we will be hearing about best practices of deploying wireless networks in high-density environments from a leading expert from Shenzhen Airport. And Photogrammetry techniques used by our Digital Twin platform will be discussed by a professor from Wuhan University.

Huawei exists in an ecosystem of customers, partners, collaborators, and academics. Events like HAS 2019 ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology thinking, validating our ideas and roadmaps with the best brains in the industry. There will undoubtedly be challenging moments over the next few days. But it is only by rising to this challenge and meeting the issues head on that we expand our thinking and maintain our leading position in this industry for the betterment of our customers and society at large. I’m looking forward to learning a thing or two. See you over coffee.

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