Why You Need To Activate Intelligence in Your Business

ByDr. Nermin Mohamed

April 25, 2019

Dr. Nermin Mohamed

AI and automation are changing the business environment across industries, delivering new opportunities through intelligent, automated solutions. Some companies are ahead of the curve, while others are stagnating in adopting the technology.

Operators and enterprises are aware of the benefits of AI and automation, but the questions that always remain are, “What does it bring to my business? How will it solve my problems?” and “What’s the best AI strategy and path?”

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a constellation of technologies that describes the processes of intelligent automation, like machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), cognitive computing, and deep learning. These allow machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn.

AI has become a new general purpose technology and will change all industries and organizations.

Why AI: Is it necessary?

Traditional business models simply won’t do in a continuously disrupted business environment. Operator OPEX has remained high for years, undermining service innovation. By introducing AI technology, operators will be able to achieve smart O&M that boasts improved O&M efficiency, energy efficiency, and resource utilization, as well as lower OPEX. It will allow businesses to cut costs, boost productivity, increase agility and flexibility, and spur innovation. AI also enables predictive O&M and active optimization, helping operators troubleshoot network faults prior to user complaints, and ultimately, improve the end user experience.

Indeed, when done right, implementing AI will allow businesses to grow revenues and offer differentiated customer experiences

Where’s It Heading?

The future of AI promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and precision. Almost every industry will be impacted and transformed by AI and automation in the next few years

Like electricity and railways during the industrial revolution, artificial intelligence is the new general purpose technology of the 21st century

Huawei predicts that by 2025, the world will see upwards of 40 billion personal smart devices, and 90% of device users will have a smart digital assistant. Data utilization will reach 86%, and AI services will be readily available, as prevalent as the air we breathe.

Huawei’s AI Strategy

Huawei’s full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio: Abundant and affordable computing power will enable inclusive AI

Huawei is making a big push to help operators improve not just network performance (speed, latency, capacity) but also network intelligence, so they can manage evolution to 5G and take advantage of new business opportunities such as those delivered by IoT. Future networks need to be self-optimized, self-healing and automated, all of which needs AI capabilities.

Huawei’s AI strategy has five areas of focus: Invest in AI research, build a full-stack AI portfolio, develop an open ecosystem and talent, strengthen existing portfolio & drive operational efficiency

Huawei’s AI strategy will bring AI to everything from telecom base stations to cloud data centers to smartphones to surveillance cameras.

Click the links to find out more about Huawei’s autonomous driving networks and our AI strategy and portfolio.

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