Living in the Fast(er) Lane: 5G Speeds and Needs


ByJoy Tan

May 6, 2019

Joy Tan

When you work in the telecommunications industry as I do, it’s hard to not be overwhelmed by the new, shiny promise of 5G.

100 times faster than 4G. Able to leap past 3G and 2G in a single bound. The superpowers of 5G are becoming more familiar as more phone carriers start racing to declare that their networks are 5G-ready.

5G means lower latency, the ability to send around massive amounts of data, and the potential of always-on connectivity…who of us hasn’t silently cursed when stuck somewhere with spotty Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi, but you urgently need that download for work?

Using mobile devices such as your smart phone, tablet, laptop, wearables will be faster and more immersive.

All good, right? As a big digital consumer for work and play, I say a big YES.

But as a parent of young, digitally savvy children who live a large chunk of their lives online, I also hope that the next generation of cyber systems will generate uses that shift our eyes from our own screens to those around us, beyond our self-contained and curated worlds, and towards the very real benefits of digital inclusion.

We’re seeing glimmers of the good that 5G can do, beyond giving you that super HD experience during your 5-hour Netflix binge watch.

Doctors are experimenting with remote robotic surgery using the immediacy of 5G connections. Homes that are truly smart beyond doorbells and light controls could deploy the Internet of Things to allow safe aging in place. Smart cities are experimenting with sensors that capture large amounts of data to monitor traffic, air quality, and crime.

Ready or not, 5G is coming. My hope is that the focus on connection speeds doesn’t overtake the connection needs.

One thing that I’m particularly excited about is what 5G means for IoT, especially with AI in the mix. Now, we’re truly entering the intelligent world.

What are you most excited about when it comes to 5G? Leave us a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Living in the Fast(er) Lane: 5G Speeds and Needs

  1. nice comment
    but think;
    5G versus Summit;
    Control of data, access, content, with speed of mobile data transfer, we hope that for such technologies can represent progress for humility, we need a new government policy for human subsistence with dignity and fraternity, unity in the pursuit of peace and prosperity, overcoming the barrier of hunger and prejudice, the fear of one nation overlapping another, a fear that has dissipated lives and dreams

  2. I am excited about endless possibilities of 5G and Cloud convination. Feel that my phone has unlimited processing and storage capabilities.

  3. Connectivity! With the speed, people can achieve a lot. It is not a single equipment that works faster and better, it is the connections among multiple equipments!

  4. I’m excited about getting stuff done by this very fast speed, I work with AI, Machine learning.
    Thank you huawei for this incredible speed.

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