Pulling Together When Disaster Strikes

ByGary Maidment

May 8, 2019

Gary Maidment

Thousands of residents have been evacuated in eastern Canada after severe flooding hit the region late last month, with the Mayor of Ottawa declaring a state of emergency on April 25.

The initial flooding was caused by an unusually large amount of snow melting into the Ottawa River combined with heavy rainfall. And it might not be over. CTV News Ottawa reported yesterday that Golden Lake residents are on guard against a second peak that could be heading their way due to sustained rainfall.

The areas hit last month – Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario – are transitioning from crisis to recovery. With a special focus on ensuring that vulnerable populations aren’t overlooked, the aid organization United Ways emphasizes that recovery is a long-term effort requiring front-line organizations to come together. Local government bodies, community associations, and public health and disaster relief organizations are all involved in the recovery process.

As employers and contributors to the local communities in which they operate, businesses also have a part to play. United Ways reported yesterday that the donation of $100,000 from Huawei Canada will go towards funding mental health and crisis support, outreach services, and systems navigation. Additionally, Huawei Canada has offered its 300 employees in the Ottawa region paid days off to volunteer in flood relief efforts.

Huawei doesn’t back away from its commitment to the communities in which it lives and works. When the kids’ soccer team in Thailand became trapped in a cave in June 2018, Huawei engineers helped rescuers by creating a mobile network deep inside the cave.

Following the March 2011 tsunami that caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor to melt down in Japan, Huawei stayed behind and flew in additional people to re-establish communications networks.

During the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone from 2014-2016, Huawei staff
voluntarily stayed in place to support its customer’s communications networks.

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