Bringing Digital Skills for All


June 28, 2019


Digital skills are essential for strong socioeconomic development and enabling everyone, everywhere, from every background to benefit from technological advancements and fully participate in the global digital economy – unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so yet.

Huawei is committed to (1) extending digital skills to those who lack them and to (2) cultivating the next generation of ICT professionals. In this ongoing series of TECH4ALL posts, here’s what we’re doing around the world to bridge the gap.

Kenya: Digital Skills for Life

Huawei, the ICT Authority, and e-Mentoring Africa developed the Digital Skills for Life to change the lives of 30 disadvantaged young people. The program provides basic technology skills for disadvantaged youth who have left high school without any ICT skills.

Several thousand young people applied for the program, which also had a strong component of soft skills (such as interview skills, communication skills, and project management skills), entrepreneurship skills, and technology skills to best improve their employment opportunities. The students had 5 weeks of training, which also included study trips and guest lectures, as well as 6 months mentorship.

We provided internships to two of the students after the training was completed and scholarships for further training for others.

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ICT Talent Scholarships in Myanmar

Huawei signed an MOU with the University of Computer Studies at Yangon (UCSY) to support ICT talent development and provide a platform to foster ICT in Myanmar.

Huawei has awarded ICT Talent Scholarships to 50 outstanding students from 26 computer science universities and 12 technology universities nationwide in Myanmar. In the future, Huawei plans to continue investing in talent development as well as ramp up collaboration with the government in six areas:

  1. Establishing an ICT Diploma Course System
  2. Sponsoring the Huawei Seeds for the Future program.
  3. Establishing the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy (HAINA)
  4. Awarding an ICT Talent Scholarship to outstanding university students,
  5. Supporting ICT-related scientific research and organizing the Youth Open Day at the Huawei Customer Solutions, Innovation & Integration Center (CSIC).

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E-Classroom in Panama

Huawei launched the eClassroom initiative for three public schools in Panama in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The initiative is designed to build a modern, interactive teaching environment through a platform that provides opportunities for students and professors to share knowledge and experiences remotely in real time.

This tool has created a didactic learning environment that gets educational resources where they need to go, promotes equality in education, and encourages remote learning.

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  1. I like this post. This tool has created a didactic learning environment that gets educational resources where they need to go, promotes equality in education, and encourages remote learning.

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