Safe then Smart: A Roadmap to Smart Cities

ByPeter Goulding

July 23, 2019

Peter Goulding

In this series of blog posts, I will be exploring how working together we can create cities that are safe and smart to ensure a high quality of life for all citizens.  

Huawei can help governments, policy makers, and other key stakeholders to address the challenges of making cities and communities safe and secure by:

  • Improving safety and decreasing crime while increasing social and economic benefits.
  • Enhancing emergency response capabilities.
  • Assisting in job creation and skill enhancement.
  • Raising social inclusion.

This is achieved by deploying leading new ICT solutions that build upon your existing infrastructure and previous investments.

Huawei’s safe and smart city concept is designed to help government and municipalities mitigate the modern challenges of how to improve various aspects of life that protect citizens and help create business opportunities, including:

  • Living standards and improved health.
  • Financial prosperity of its citizens.
  • Addressing the challenges of expanding modern city infrastructure.
  • Public security.
  • Emergency response.

Huawei’s safe and smart city solutions provide a range of capabilities such as effective emergency communications, predictive analytics, data center consolidation, cloud for municipality agencies, big data, and real-time response. We can help your government or municipality and key departments like the police better protect your citizens from everything, including security threats, crime, and natural disasters. Our solutions also support wider government or municipality city department activity, such as public health, fire and rescue, and social services, to better serve citizens and communities.

Safe and Smart Means a Higher Quality of Life

Huawei’s safe and smart city solutions are based on a consolidated ICT platform that can combine different types of public-safety information from sources like sensors. Combining information in this way enables multiagency collaboration by providing key personnel with the right information at the right time. They can then make fast and smart decisions to keep people safe and secure.

A safe city is an essential pillar of supporting the future development of your future smart city. Our solutions not only provide the capability to underpin security and safety for citizens, but they also provide a modern technology infrastructure to help champion cities as great places to live, work, and invest.

Huawei is ready to support your safe and smart city aims.

In part two of this blog series, I will explore the features that create the foundation of safe and smart cities.

Click the link for more information about Huawei’s Smart City solutions.


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