Touching An Intelligent Future with Global Industry Vision@2025

ByKevin Zhang

August 24, 2019

Kevin Zhang

Human exploration will never stop. We should set our sights beyond what we see now and look to the future, shifting from innovation to invention. We’re seeing rapid changes to life, work, and society as every industry adopts emerging technologies like 5G, cloud, big data, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

We are building a world in which everything is connected, sensing, and intelligent. The fusion of ICT’s nascent strands is creating new business models, new capabilities, and new possibilities for how we approach life and business. Intelligent devices and systems are making all kind of service paradigms possible that were once the realms of sci-fi, from robots in the home and immersive VR to zero search, frictionless communications, and more.

Since our inaugural  GIV report in 2018, we’ve been seeing the deeper adoption of ICT by enterprises and industries, opening new doors to innovation, inclusion, and sustainability. 2019’s GIV@2025 presents Huawei’s insights into the opportunities that new technologies will create across 17 industries, including transport, retail, finance, manufacturing, and aerospace.

GIV2025 sets out 10 trends and key predictions for 2025. These are as follows:

1. Living with Bots: Advances in material science, perceptual AI, and network technologies are powering the uptake of robotics in a variety of home and personal scenarios. GIV predicts a global penetration rate of home robots of at least 14%.

2. Super Sight: The convergence of 5G, VR/AR, machine learning, and other emerging technologies will let us see beyond distance, distortion, surface, and history, opening up new vistas for people, business, and culture. GIV predicts that VR/AR will have a user base of 337 million.

3. Zero Search: As data-driven and sensor-equipped appliances and devices begin anticipating our needs, information will find us. Future searches will be button-free, personal social networks will be created effortlessly, and industry will benefit from “zero-fault maintenance”. GIV predicts that 90% of smart device owners will use intelligent personal assistants.

4. Tailored Streets: Intelligent transport systems will connect people, vehicles, and infrastructure, creating zero congestion, rapid emergency response, and other functions that will make life smoother. GIV predicts that 15% of vehicles will have Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything  technology.

5. Working with Bots: Already transforming many industries, smart automation will take on more hazardous, repetitive, and high-precision tasks – a boon for safety and productivity. GIV predicts that there will be 103 robots in industry for every 10,000 employees.

6. Augmented Creativity: Cloud AI will cut the cost and barrier of entry to scientific experimentation, innovation, and art, opening up a goldmine of creative potential that’s available to all. GIV predicts that 97% of large companies will have deployed AI.

7. Frictionless Communication: AI and big data analytics will create seamless communication between companies and customers and break down language barriers. Accuracy, understanding, and trust will underpin tomorrow’s communications. GIV predicts that enterprises will fully use of 86% of the data that they produce.

8. Symbiotic Economy: Companies across the planet are adopting digital tech and smart applications on unified access platforms – that means greater collaboration, resource-sharing, stronger global ecosystems, and higher productivity. GIV predicts that cloud technology penetration among enterprises will be 100%.

9. 5G’s rapid rollout: 5G is here and it’s landing far faster than any previous wireless generation – the potential for individuals, businesses, and society is enormous. GIV predicts that 58% of the world’s population will have access to 5G.

10. Global Digital Governance: Advancements in digital tech must be balanced by shared data standards and principles for data use. GIV predicts that the annual volume of global data will reach 180 ZB (1 ZB = 1 trillion GB).

By combining Huawei’s own data with the findings of international organizations, market researchers, and industry leaders, it is our aim to demonstrate the value of ICT in business and society.

Led by artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud computing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is accelerating the arrival of the intelligent world. Huawei is committed to building digital platforms, user experiences, and intelligent technology that power ubiquitous connectivity in every scenario. It’s our mission to offer every person, home, and organization an intelligent future and the benefits of entirely new opportunities for growth.

We hope the report inspires you to touch an intelligent future. So, please visit our minisite and download the full Huawei Global Industry Vision GIV@2025.


Disclaimer: Any views and/or opinions expressed in this post by individual authors or contributors are their personal views and/or opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of Huawei Technologies.

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