TECH4ALL@MBBF: Gearing Up Industry-Wide for Digital Inclusion

ByGary Maidment

October 30, 2019

Gary Maidment

While 5G unsurprisingly dominated the agenda at this year’s Mobile Broadband Forum, the partners, projects, and tech driving our digital inclusion initiative TECH4ALL were also a major draw to the industry leaders and experts in attendance.

At the event, we caught up with three major industry players – GSMA, ITU, and GSA – to talk about TECH4ALL and digital inclusion.


With its Connected Society program, GSMA is committed making mobile technologies a force for inclusion. The organization is also a partner in the digital skills training program Digitruck.



Find out more about ITU’s digital inclusion program.

Designed to ensure that everybody gets to benefit from digital technologies, not just a few, TECH4ALL spans three priorities – technology, skills, and applications – in four domains – healthcare, education, development, and the environment.

Our overall target of TECH4ALL is to deliver the benefits of digital technologies to 5 million more people globally in five years. Click the link to find out more about the projects and partnerships behind the TECH4ALL initiative.

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