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ByGary Maidment

November 8, 2019

Gary Maidment

As well as a deep dive into the world of 5G, the 2019 Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum last month saw some of Europe’s most innovative companies land in Zurich. On show were the latest developments in artificial intelligence, VR, AR, robotics, gaming, and more. In this blog series, I’ll be profiling our partners and innovation-leaders who showcased their tech at the event.

Nimest Tech: Bringing History to Life

Nimest uses Augmented Reality to bring back to life important historical figures and allow them to interact with tourists and citizens, telling stories about the region’s history and culture.

At MBBF, Nimest showcased its 5G cloud-based AR solution.

Shadow: Cloud Gaming at Its Finest

Using the power of cloud technologies, Shadow lets users transform any device into a high-end gaming PC, including laptops and smartphones. Enabling seamless switching between devices, smart Android TVs can be turned into supercharged consoles running the latest games.

Astrivis: 3D In Your Hand

The Astrivis solution can turn any consumer mobile device into a 3D scanner that lets users capture the world in 3D. Requiring no additional hardware sensors, the user moves the around a given object, which the software tracks with 6-DoF and previews on screen.

Unmanned Life: A New Age of Autonomy

Having built Europe’s first fully autonomous parcel sorting center in for Swiss Post, Unmanned Life showcased its AI-driven IoT software platform that delivers Autonomy-as-a-Service across sectors, enabling Industry 4.0 to flourish.

The company provides industrial autonomous services by deploying swarms of different types of robots that can work together collaboratively, increasing efficiency, scalability and safety while reducing operational costs and installation time.

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