TECH4ALL: Building ICT Skills & Connectivity


    Dec 04, 2019

    Huawei’s digital inclusion initiative TECH4ALL aims to ensure that the benefits of digital technology reach everyone.

    In the context of the three priorities of TECH4ALL — skillstechnology, and applications — tech influencers Glen Gilmore and Debra Ruh talk about some of the initiative’s aims and achievements since its launch in early 2019.

    Building ICT Skills

    TECH4ALL seeks to frame partnerships with local governments, communities, and other sectors to enhance the digital skills of all society. Educator and technology influencer Glen Gilmore gives his take on what Huawei is doing to make up for the talent shortfall in AI and ICT experts.

    Read more about the initiatives Glen mentions for cultivating ICT talent with the Huawei ICT Academy and Seeds for the Future initiatives.

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    Building Connectivity

    Technology and connectivity are at the heart of eliminating development gaps for various sectors, businesses, regions, and groups, ensuring equal access to digital resources and enabling technology to benefit everyone. Debra Ruh introduces two Huawei TECH4ALL schemes designed to connect remote communities.

    Find out more about how RuralStar is connecting remote communities in Mongolia and Connecting Canada’s Far North.

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