Connect, Not Divide: Building on 30 Years of Connecting People

ByJoy Tan

March 6, 2020

Joy Tan

Let’s imagine that your company was one of the largest, most successful, yet most scrutinized and least understood organizations on the planet. How would you respond to – and take advantage of – such decidedly mixed circumstances?

Here at Huawei USA, we’re pursuing a two-part answer. Part one is to create, discover, and pursue opportunities to do good things for people, their communities, and the world. Part two is to tell the world about what we’re doing. So, here’s a brief summary of how we’re using technology for good, and an introduction to how we’re telling the world about it – a newly launched outreach campaign we’re calling Connect, Not Divide.

Huawei: Connecting People for More Than 30 Years

For more than three decades, Huawei has focused tirelessly on technologies that help build a secure, connected world. From our earliest days, we have paid special attention to bringing secure connectivity to underserved rural and isolated areas – first in China, and then around the world.

Today, one-third of the world’s population relies on connections that are enabled and supported by Huawei solutions. We are currently the second largest smartphone seller in the world, but we’re doing more than connecting people to networks, the Internet, and each other. We’re also partnering with carriers, other companies, community organizations, and activists around the world to deliver benefits powered by that connectivity. Some of the opportunities we’re pursuing include protecting rainforests, bringing technology skills to remote areas, and helping deaf children learn to read. You can learn about these examples and more at Huawei’s TECH4ALL web site.

Introducing Connect, Not Divide

Recently, Huawei USA launched a new campaign: Connect, Not Divide.

The campaign isn’t intended to sell any particular products, services, or technologies. Instead, its purpose is to showcase and highlight some of the benefits of extending advanced, secure connectivity to more of the world. This includes people and businesses in the dozens of rural and isolated areas of the United States who have relied on Huawei equipment and services for years.

Each story told within the Connect, Not Divide campaign focuses on people. Not just mobile operators or technology professionals, but also construction workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, teachers, families, friends, and even a wingsuit pilot.

Watch wingsuit pilot Zeeshan Parvez: Connectivity Means Freedom

Huawei believes what connects us is stronger than what divides us. Our goal is to connect people, not divide them, and to help others do the same, seamlessly, securely, and affordably. We believe advanced, secure connectivity is not a luxury, but a basic human right. That’s why Huawei has committed to bringing that connectivity to 500 million more people around the world within five years. And that’s why Huawei USA hopes its Connect, Not Divide campaign will start more conversations about connectivity, privacy, security, the economy, and the empowerment of people, organizations, and communities. We welcome the support and contributions of all who share these goals, wherever they are in the world. Join the conversation online with the hashtag #ConnectNotDivide.

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