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ByWang Dongni

March 12, 2020

Wang Dongni

What’s next for 5G? At Huawei’s recent 5G, Gear Up product launch in London, we answered that question with some industry-leading tech, roundtables, and forums.  Take a look at what’s powering 5G in 2020 and beyond – it’s time for 5G, so Gear Up!

What the Experts Said

What’s New in 5G

Huawei’s 10 Key Enablers of 5G

Yang Chaobin

Yang Chaobin, President of the Huawei 5G Product Line, unveiled 10 key 5G enablers that position Huawei as a 5G leader. These are:

  1. Extensive 5G commercial experience to accelerate 5G scale deployment
  2. Comprehensive portfolios to provide a consistent 5G “ultimate experience” through three-layer network architecture.
  3. Simplifying network deployment with the industry’s only ultra-broadband solution that supporst all discrete spectrums within 400 MHz.
  4. Unique Blade AAU for simplified deployment, integrating the active 5G AAU and passive 2G/3G/4G antennas into one box.
  5. The industries first commercial dynamic spectrum-sharing (DSS) solution for enabling fast FDD NR deployment
  6. Algorithms for leading network performance, providing an average downlink rate of 1.5 to 2 times higher than other networks
  7. Low-energy solutions for green 5G
  8. Converged NSA/SA solution to power future industry digital transformation
  9. Unique E2E Super Uplink (SUL) solution, which reduces latency by 30% and increases the uplink rate by up to four times
  10. E2E network slicing, which will help power industry digitalization

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RuralStar Pro: Connecting the Unconnected

Ritchie Peng

Ritchie Peng, CMO of Huawei’s Wireless Network Product Line, unveiled Huawei’s all-new RuralStar Pro solution.  Designed to provide voice and mobile broadband services to remote villages with populations of less than 500. Using high-integration chips, this “all-in-one” solution combines baseband, RF, and wireless backhaul functions into one. These new features simplify network equipment and cut deployment costs, and keeping the RIO period to 3 to 5 years and enabling operators to connected the unconnected in rural scenarios.

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Huawei LampSite EE: Providing Indoor Coverage for Enterprises

LampSite EE

Huawei launched the enterprise edition of 5G LampSite: LampSite EE. Tailored to provide 5G indoor coverage in enterprises, LampSite EE provides five main 5G functions: indoor ultra-broadband, industrial ultra-low latency, indoor precise location, indoor ultra-reliability, and industrial dense concurrency. As an upgrade from Huawei’s LampSite 5G indoor radio access solution, it’s designed for smart applications in industries like manufacturing, health,  transportation, and warehousing. LampSite EE is especially useful for enterprises seeking to accelerate smart development and promote digital transformation.

First Launch: 5G Modules based on HiSilicon’s Pre-Module

5G Pre-Module Presentation

5G modules are key to enabling diverse access methods for 5G devices. Huawei and its partners jointly launched a series of industrial and consumer modules based on various HiSilicon 5G modules, including the pre-module, industrial modules, 8K media modules, and electric power modules. That means 5G can be more quickly adopted in various scenarios, including smart manufacturing, multimedia, commercial display, large wall-mounted screens, energy, and transportation. Consumer-level 5G modules for AR/VR and wearable devices will go on the market in March this year.

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Smart 8T8R for Flexible Multimode Multi-Sector Deployment

We’re proud to have released the industry’s leading Smart 8T8R solution.

Incorporating software-defined antennas (SDA), FDD dual-band 8T8R RRUs, and innovative algorithms, the solution supports on-demand multi-sector deployments across 2G, 3G, and 4G based on software configuration. This enables convenient capacity expansion based on current hardware and smooth evolution towards 5G, enabling operators to address capacity issues with less CAPEX and OPEX in urban areas.

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Accelerating Global 5G Commercialization through Collaboration

LG U+ Leads in 5G Network Automation

2019 has seen rapid development throughout South Korea, with 5G services having been launched by all three major operators. LG U+ seized this opportunity to increase its market presence, overcoming many challenges in the initial phase through network automation technologies, including Huawei’s network AI, which keeps O&M costs low.

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New Breakthrough: Huawei’s 4G/5G Flash Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Commercially Deployed

We announced on February 22 that we had deployed our 4G/5G flash dynamic spectrum-sharing technology in commercial networks, including in China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. With the launch of more 5G commercial devices, we believe large-scale commercial use will be occur globally in 2020. We plan to expand the 4G/5G DSS solution into more scenarios to help operators achieve smooth evolution to 5G on all bands in all scenarios.

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WTTx Suite Empowers Smart Axiata to Achieve Home Broadband Success in Cambodia

The number of Smart Home users in Cambodia had increased significantly by the end of 2019, with Smart Axiata’s market share climbing to over 35% within one year. One of the contributing factors to this success is the WTTx Suite by Huawei, the industry’s first AI-based solution that enables end-to-end (E2E) service automation. It reduces serving provisioning time from days or hours to just a few minutes, also enabling E2E management service flows.

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Takeaways from Trending 5G Topics

Analysts: Huawei’s 5G Full-Series Products Accelerate Worldwide 5G Commercial Adoption

More than 40 industry analysts from 30 companies landed in London to attend 5G analyst roundtables, interviews, and one-on-one exchanges.

They concluded that Huawei’s full-series of 5G products can enable operators to achieve fast 5G rollout. The full-series of products includes the industry’s lightest Massive MIMO AAU, which at only 25 kg, can be installed by one person and our ultra-broadband AAU that supports a maximum of 400 MHz bandwidth.

The number of both NB-IoT and 4G/5G FWA connections now exceeds 100 million, which not only boosts the confidence across the industry chain, but also shows the industry is entering a new phase of explosive growth. The analysts also emphasized that operators must build efficient networks that deliver a superior experience for individual users and vertical industries with solutions such as Super Uplink.

Wireless Intelligence: 5G Will Drive Business Success in the Digital Society

More than 30 opinion leaders from 21 wireless think tanks and consulting firms took part in 5G analyst think tank roundtables, interviews, and one-on-one exchanges.

The consensus was that 5G will redefine business success and productivity:

  • Services will be faster and cheaper (cost per bit).
  • By 2022, operators will see 50%+ mobile infrastructure investment going to 5G.
  • In the next five years, smartphones will present the biggest business opportunities.
  • AR, VR, 360° view, and ultra-HD streaming will move towards a real-life immersive experience.
  • To sustain revenue growth, operators must apply 5G in joint innovation with partners to boost connectivity and improve efficiency, particularly for latency-critical industries.

Awards and Honors in the Wireless Domain

Huawei won awards in 4 categories at GSMA’s GLOMO Awards: 5G Leadership Award, Best Mobile Innovation for Work, Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities, and Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action.

At the 2020 iF International Industrial Design Forum, Huawei’s Wireless Network products won a series of iF Design Awards, aka the “Design Oscars”. The products that received the awards were the 5G Massive MIMO AAU, 5G Easy Macro, and 5G LampSite.

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5G Brings new value. Its progress in deployment, the tech ecosystem, and customer experience will far exceed what we’re used to. We will continue to innovate the foundations of 5G services all while taking steps to develop leading network solutions to build a fully connected, intelligent world.

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