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    Jun 19, 2020

    At the Huawei Analyst Summit 2020 I presented the 2019 results for Huawei Enterprise Services and our strategy for delivering industry-oriented digital transformation services.

    In the first video, I cover our 2019 performance and introduce our digital transformation services. In the second, I talk about Huawei’s Integrated Operation Command Center and give two examples of our industry cloud service in action.

    Part 1

    Video 1

    Our service revenue grew very fast to over US$2 billion. In fact, service revenue grew faster than overall enterprise business group revenue, making services a growth engine for the EBG (Enterprise Business Group).

    In 2019 we received important certifications from industry organizations such as TSIA and were name a leader in the IDC Network Consulting Service MarketScape.

    Also our service partner ecosystem grew both in the number of Certified Service Partners as well as in the number of Certified Service Solution Partners. The CSSP’s provide services for particular industry solutions such as transportation or smart cities.

    And with our ICT talent development we are setting new boundaries. We provide 100 different certifications for 22 different technology directions. The 2019 global ICT competition drew participation from 61 countries, 1600 universities and over 100,000 students.

    So now let’s talk about our industry-specific digital transformation services.

    We offer Professional Services for Hybrid Cloud construction, cloud migration, and big data. They encompass the entire lifecycle, from cloud construction to cloud enablement to cloud management.

    Based on previous experience these services have been modelled for specific industries such Government, Finance and transportation. These professional services are partially automated to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency. As a result the design of a medium size site can be completed in less than 2 weeks. Also the migration services use in-house developed tools which help to make the migration 3x faster than other companies.

    Part 2

    Part 2:

    The IOCC is the Integrated Operation Command Center, which is platform for customers to manage their entire IT, from infrastructure to applications and services. IOCC uses data analysis to determine issues at every level, and allow management to make data-driven decisions. The service to implement IOCC also provides best practices for managing IT and make the IT operation “visible, manageable and controllable”. As a result new services can be rolled out much faster and more reliably.

    I would like to share two examples of our industry cloud services.

    The first example is for the municipal law enforcement of a city in China. Huawei enterprise services completely overhauled their operational processes and created a unified operation portal. Agile development was introduced as well as big data management. All data and applications were migrated to the new cloud environment which was also deployed by Huawei. As a result the department can now deploy new services in 1 week instead of 1 month and offer new services based on the big data.

    The second example is for a bank in the United Kingdom. Here we consolidated multiple data centers into only a few and build the cloud environment. All banking applications were migrated and legacy ICT devices were replaced. 700 TB of data and over 2,000 virtual machines were migrated, and as result the application performance improved by 40%.

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