Our 1H 2020 Business Results


July 15, 2020


Overall Revenue

  • US$64.88 billion (454 billion Chinese yuan)
  • Net Profit: 9.2%
  • 13.1% increase year-on-year

Business Group Revenues

Carrier: US$22.58 billion (159.6 billion Chinese yuan)

Enterprise: US$5.14 billion (36.3 billion Chinese yuan)

Consumer: US$36.19 billion (255.8 billion Chinese yuan)

Unlocking Economic Recovery with ICT

As countries around the globe are grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, ICT isn’t just a crucial tool for combating the virus, but also an engine for economic recovery.

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Huawei remains committed to working with carriers and industry partners to maintain stable network operations, accelerate digital transformation, and support efforts to contain local outbreaks and reopen local economies.

The complex external environment makes open collaboration and trust in global value chains more important than ever. Huawei pledges to continue fulfilling its obligations to customers and suppliers, and to survive, forge ahead, and contribute to the global digital economy and technological development, no matter what future challenges the company faces.

Note: The financial data disclosed here comprises unaudited figures compiled in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards; exchange rate at the end of June 2020: US$1 = CNY7.0677 (source: external agencies)

Disclaimer: Any views and/or opinions expressed in this post by individual authors or contributors are their personal views and/or opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of Huawei Technologies.

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