Huawei Achieves First TÜV SÜD Certification for an ODN Product


February 5, 2021


The Huawei Digital Quick ODN (DQ ODN) has been granted the first TÜV SÜD Certification Mark among all optical distribution network products.

Using advanced testing equipment, Huawei’s DQ ODN product undergoes strict testing including water & shock resistance, materials testing, tensile & twisting strength, and more. Watch the full video here.

Reflecting the high quality and long-term reliability of Huawei’s DQ ODN products, the certification reinforces the solution’s position as the best choice for operators to build high-performing optical distribution networks (ODNs).

DQ ODN Features & Benefits

  • Pre-connection and digital technologies achieve full-process, splicing-free network construction, boosting network construction efficiency and cutting construction costs.
  • AI image recognition and fiber iris technologies automatically collect ODN GIS, link topology, and loss information, and achieve resource digitization, visual management, and intelligent O&M for operators’ ODN networks.
  • Accurate resource statistics enable operators to implement fast service provisioning and accurate fault location, cutting OPEX.

Huawei will continue to innovate in the ODN field and provide customers with more leading ODN solutions that feature precise planning, fast deployment, and digital O&M.


TÜV SÜD is an international third-party testing organization founded 150 years ago that is dedicated to professional testing, inspection, and certification. It has extensive experience in communications product certification, with a panel of authoritative industry experts and first-class testing platforms. The global mark for optical distribution network products launched by TÜV SÜD strictly complies with IEC and ITU standards in testing and certifying the mechanical reliability, environmental reliability, and optical performance of the products and components. In addition to product testing, the certification process also involves factory quality assurance capability check, product consistency check, and post-certification supervision.

Learn more about the Huawei DQ ODN

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