Powering Enterprise Services with Premium Private Line 2.0

ByWang Maofa

March 8, 2021

Wang Maofa

Digital transformation in industries requires premium network connections with greatly improved rollout time, availability, latency, flexible bandwidth, and self-service performance visualization. To address this demand, Huawei launched the 5A Premium Private Line 1.0 solution in 2018. The solution features

  • High availability
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Low latency and jitter
  • Service agility
  • Online self-service management

Widely recognized in the industry over the past two years, over 80 optical transport network (OTN) enterprise private networks have been rolled out worldwide by the end of 2020, underpinning enterprise digitalization.

Upgrading to 2.0

Enterprise cloudification has seen traditional interconnection between branches and headquarters in industries gradually evolved and extended to clouds – public, private, and hybrid. Big data and AI are combining to optimize manufacturing, enhance productivity, and boost competitiveness. According to China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), the public and private cloud markets in China will be respectively worth US$35.32 billion and US$22.22 billion by 2023.

At the end of December 2020, the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) and Next Generation Optical Network Forum (NGOF) launched the High-Quality Private Line for Cloud Era Technical White Paper, depicting high-quality experience indicators regarding cloud-network synergy. This white paper defines the service quality and experience requirements of cloud-network synergy in terms of security, availability, convenience, response, and perception, and shows that Premium Private Line is moving towards the 2.0 era. In the cloud-network synergy era, Premium Private Line 2.0 will build best-in-class cloud-optical integrated private lines that fulfill the cloud-based office, production, and core system requirements of industry customers, facilitating their digital transformation.

Turning Private Lines into Private Networks

At MWC Shanghai 2021, Huawei launched its Premium Private Line 2.0 solution. The solution connects private clouds, empowers industries, and turns private lines into private networks, addressing industry demands for differentiated, first-rate connections.

Connecting Private Clouds

32-degree optical cross-connect (OXC) and 20-degree OXC are introduced to the core layer and aggregation layer, respectively. The OXCs build frog-hop architecture and implement one-hop wavelength transmission to the cloud gateway. E2E liquid OTN covers cloud and Internet data center (IDC) resource pools to achieve flexible scheduling of cloud pool resources and deliver a cloud connection experience under 1 ms. Features such as OTN hard pipes and automatic protection and recovery of the automatically switched optical network (ASON) are provided to deliver 99.999% availability and high security for cloud private lines. Additionally, automated collaboration between the cloud-based management platform and the iMaster-NCE management and control platform leads to the construction of a one-stop cloud-network subscription platform that implements automatic service handling, service delivery, and bandwidth acceleration.

Cloud-network synergy is essential for operators’ digital services. Leading operators in China are launching differentiated cloud-network synergy products and services to deliver a superior service experience for industries through private clouds and private networks. China Unicom Guangdong is using its Wo Healthcare Cloud and OTN premium enterprise network to deploy a reliable, low-latency, and flexible software-defined OTN (SD-OTN) cloud-network private line for a hospital in China’s Zhongshan. This private line enables the hospital’s core systems to be migrated to the cloud faster than expected, boosting its overall efficiency while accelerating its digital transformation. China Telecom Guangdong has streamlined the automatic collaboration of multiple systems such as the cloud-network orchestrator, network coordinator, and intelligent OTN management and control platform. This allows the operator to provide:

  • One-click delivery of optical cloud resources
  • Agile provisioning of optical cloud services within minutes
  • One-click connections of all-optical OTN private lines to the cloud
  • Direct connections of premium private lines to e-Surfing Cloud

Empowering Industries

On the all-optical networks, a wide array of tail access devices are tailored to provide differentiated and high-quality connections for different services in all kinds of industries.

  • OTN P2P: OTN customer-premises equipment (CPE), including OptiXstar C810/C820, and E2E Liquid OTN networking are designed for financial and medical customers, delivering ultra-low latency and 99.999% availability.
  • OTN P2MP: Huawei’s OTN P2MP solution uses OptiX SuperSite to integrate OTN nodes with optical line terminal (OLT) sites. This solution requires no new end fibers and introduces super uplink technology to OLTs. This results in the direct transmission of services on exclusive OTN paths, providing excellent connections within 2 km and opening up a high-speed entrance to the digital economy. The OTN P2MP solution integrates the OTN with the optical distribution network (ODN) that covers business buildings, achieving 16-fold coverage efficiency and day-level time to market (TTM), while also slashing fiber requirements by 80%. Moreover, this solution provides OTN-like private lines featuring low latency and high reliability for industries, while also offering connections that have zero packet loss and zero frame freezing for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and industrial parks.

Turning Private Lines into Private Networks

Huawei’s optical transmission slicing network (OTSN) solution caters for all customers by enabling hard slicing of wavelength-, subwavelength-, and OSU-level resources to roll out a multi-purpose industry private network that supports self-service management. Industry customers can monitor network quality (such as latency, availability, and protection) in real  time using their accounts, and provision services based on the current network quality, signaling a shift from private line connectivity to private network management.

Premium Private Line 2.0 provides a premium service network for all-optical cities, helping operators explore new revenue streams as digital transformation becomes more widespread. A wide range of technological innovations, such as Liquid OTN and OXC, enable private network connections to the private cloud, driving the development of cloud-network synergy. Furthermore, OptiX SuperSite achieves wide OTN coverage, empowers industries, and unlocks the true value of high-quality connections. The OTSN solution transforms private lines into private networks to build an industry-tailored network, or even scenario-specific networks, to fulfill industry demands.

Read more about the Huawei Private Line OTN.

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