Driving Enterprise Digital Transformation with OptiX SuperSite

BySimon Lu

March 15, 2021

Simon Lu

More than 50 countries have released digital strategies to promote industry digitalization underpinned by new cloud, network infrastructures, and end-to-end data flows. To achieve this, migrating enterprise production systems to the cloud is dependent on robust cloud networks.

Private Lines & Enterprise Cloudification

Premium networks and cloud must work in tandem to achieve industry digitalization. For example, financial digitalization requires high-quality private networks to support high-speed interconnections between financial institutions and branches; healthcare digitalization requires highly reliable private networks to support the cloudification of healthcare data and information systems; SME digitalization requires one-stop e-commerce cloud network services to implement efficient cloud-based enterprise office and production.

For cloud networks, vertical industries have strong requirements, especially on service bandwidth, latency, reliability, security, self-management, and flexible bandwidth. Vertical industries have also raised the need for differentiated cloud network quality requirements.

At the end of December 2020, the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) TC618 and Next Generation Optical Network Forum (NGOF) launched the High-Quality Private Line for Cloud Era Technical White Paper. According to the paper, an OTN based on OSU (Optical Service Unit) can enable 2M to 100G services and provide stable, low latency, flexible, and controllable capabilities based on the physical isolation of hard pipes. OSU-based OTN can deliver differentiated premium private line connections to the cloud and is the optimal bearer technology for high-quality cloud networks. Currently, Huawei has helped global operators build more than 80 OTN enterprise private networks, helping to drive digital transformation in a number of sectors such as transportation, finance, and healthcare.

However, due to limited OTN coverage and high deployment costs, OTN premium private lines are still used primarily by top enterprises. Upstream and downstream industries are constantly exploring how to leverage premium OTN to boost the optical network industry.

OptiX SuperSite Is the Answer

OptiX SuperSite is like a high-speed portal to the digital world, providing high-quality, all-service, and one-stop access for operator services.

  • Super architecture: The unique optical waveguide routing technology implements board-level optical switching, resulting in devices that are 80% smaller. Optical switching capabilities are deployed to network edges, with Frog Hop architecture enabling one-hop service connection to the cloud in just 1 ms. Additionally, automatic OTN ASON protection enhances service reliability, provides high-quality cloud network experience for industries undergoing digital transformation, and enables private network connections to private clouds.
  • Super experience: The OTN P2MP technology uses existing fiber resources on the optical distribution network (ODN). This can cover offices with premium private lines for massive SMEs from various industries, helping operators explore enterprise markets. The OTN P2MP solution uses SDH-like physical isolation technologies to guarantee bandwidth and minimize latency to 200 μs. Customer-premises equipment (CPE) on the enterprise side supports plug and play compatibility, and NCE provides end-to-end intelligent management and service provisioning, enabling private line provisioning within days.
  • Super base: Three OptiX SuperSite modes (outdoor, cabinet, and CO) are available for customers, depending on their requirements, but all of them reduce site costs. Dumb resources are pooled together to unleash the full potential of optical fibers. Moreover, long-term smooth evolution means one network can last decades, while network TCO is more than halved.

OptiX SuperSite has extended OTN premium private lines from top enterprises to various industries. In short, OptiX SuperSite fully embodies the transformation of a next-generation fixed network into the “basic network+service network”, which is one of the core business values of the fifth-generation fixed network technology.

Upgrade to 2.0

For the all-optical network era, Huawei has developed technologies that can build ubiquitous optical connectivity, deliver a premium experience for industries, and make “fiber to everything” a reality. Powered by OptiX SuperSite, Huawei has launched the Premium Private Line Solution 2.0, which connects private clouds, empowers industries, and turns private lines into private networks, assisting the digital transformation of industries.

Connecting private clouds: All-optical cross-connect (OXC) supports ultra-high-speed and low-latency inter-cloud interconnection, while end-to-end OXC provides high-quality private cloud services for enterprises. The cloud management system collaborates with the network management system to provide one-stop cloud and network services.

Empowering industries: End-to-end Liquid OTN and OTN CPE provide five-star OTN private line connections for enterprises, ensuring stable and ultra-low latency with 99.999% availability. For a wide range of industries, OptiX SuperSite implements wide OTN coverage and provides OTN-like private line services with low latency and high reliability, unlocking the true value of quality connections.

Turning private lines into private networks: Huawei’s optical transmission slicing network (OTSN) solution implements physical isolation of wavelength-, subwavelength-, and OSU-level resources, which is ideal for the private line network self-management of enterprises, helping operators transform from selling private lines to selling private networks.

Moving forward, Huawei will continue to work with global operators to innovate OTN Premium Private Line 2.0, focus on industry digitalization, provide differentiated premium cloud network services, and stimulate the growth of enterprise services.

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