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April 26, 2021


With the development and application of cloud native and AI technologies, industries are accelerating towards all-scenario intelligence, which in turn is creating three major opportunities: application modernization, data assetization, and AI industrialized development.

At Huawei Developer Conference (HDC.Cloud) 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD launched six new cutting-edge products and services. These will deliver new levels of efficiency and quality, helping developers reach new frontiers of opportunity. The products are:

  1. CCE Turbo
  2. CloudIDE
  3. GaussDB (for openGauss) database
  4. Trusted Intelligent Computing Service (TICS)
  5. Pangu Model
  6. Infrastructure Software
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1. CCE Turbo

What it is: an innovation accelerator for enterprises to develop applications.

What it does: accelerates computing, networks, and scheduling to meet enterprise requirements for container performance, elasticity, and scheduling.

  • Computing acceleration: CCE Turbo is the only container cluster in the industry that supports full container component offload with zero loss of server resources or performance. Use case: Online education platform VIPKid has improved audio and video service performance by up to 40%, delivering a smooth user experience with zero frame freeze in online classes.
  • Network acceleration: CCE Turbo’s container pass-through network transforms a two-layer network into a single-layer network. E2E connection time is halved, so that the capacity expansion of thousands of containers can be performed in seconds, and latency is reduced by 40%. Use case: Chinese social media giant Sina Corp is currently using the solution to successfully cope with traffic surges.
  • Scheduling acceleration: CCE Turbo senses different application models and network topologies, automatically optimizes task scheduling policies and implements large-scale hybrid deployment. It intelligently schedules offline and online services based on the large-scale concurrent scheduling capability of 10,000 containers per second. Use case: AI image & video processing company Meitu has improved the resource utilization of container clusters by 40%.

2. CloudIDE

What it is: an intelligent programming assistant for developers.

What it does: provides developers with a lightweight and fast programming experience, with the following 3 key features:

  • Provides intelligent code completion technology through SmartAssist, determining and sorting possible results and boosting the accuracy of multi-symbol and long results.
  • Completes complex contexts and even obscure third-party APIs.
  • Automatically avoids recommending outdated, obsolete, and dangerous APIs, resulting in more robust and secure code.

3. GaussDB (for openGauss) Database

What it is: a cloud migration solution for enterprises.

What it does: migrates enterprise databases to cloud with the following unique benefits:

  • High performance: offers 54% higher transaction processing capability and 82% lower complex query latency than similar products.
  • High elasticity: expands computing nodes in just minutes and storage capacity in seconds during traffic peaks without disrupting services.
  • High availability: ensures switchover in < 10 seconds – one-third faster than rival products – if a single point of failure occurs, and provides geo-redundant DR capability.

“Huawei will continue to open its technological innovation capabilities and work with developers and partners to accelerate the cloud and intelligent transformation of business.”

Richard Yu, Executive Director, CEO OF Cloud BU and Consumer Business Group, Huawei (speaking on Day 1 @ HDC.Cloud2021)

4. Trusted Intelligent Computing Service (TICS)

What it is: a secure solution for unlocking the value of data.

What it does: provides security for the converged applications of data elements to enable secure data flow and maximize data value. TICS:

  • Keeps data invisible but usable by processing private data using multi-party federated data exploration and modeling.
  • Achieves collaborative optimization via a federated AI algorithm and homomorphic encryption algorithm. For example, batch computing encrypted data is supported during model training, improving training performance tenfold without needing an accelerator card.
  • Adapts to typical big data application scenarios without conversion by enabling interconnections with the most used data sources.

5. Pangu Model

What it is: the world’s largest Chinese NLP model and pre-trained model for computer vision.

What it does: uses pre-training + downstream fine-tuning, accelerating the introduction of AI into a wide range of industries and making inclusive AI a reality.

Pangu Model is based on the underlying optimization of CANN heterogeneous compute architecture and MindSpore all-scenario AI computing framework. It delivers significant breakthroughs in performance and usability based on:

3 Features

  1. Strong generalization ability.
  2. Small-sample learning.
  3. High model accuracy.

A single model can be applied to many complex industry scenarios and can achieve high accuracy even with a small number of samples.

4 Scenarios

  1. Natural language processing (NLP)
  2. Computer vision (CV)
  3. Multi-modal models
  4. Scientific computing

The Pangu NLP model is the industry’s first Chinese NLP model parameters in the hundreds of billions.

The Pangu CV model is also the industry’s largest CV model.

In the Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation (CLUE) Benchmark, the Pangu NLP model ranked first in the total CLUE ranking, CLUE classification ranking, and CLUE machine reading ranking.

6. Infrastructure Software

What it is: a complete set of basic computing software stacks.

What it does: enables diversified computing.

Cloud innovation depends on the support of infrastructure software root technologies such as operating systems, databases, and middleware. Huawei has built a complete set of basic computing software stacks that include the

  • Operating system
  • Enterprise-grade database
  • All-scenario AI computing framework

This enables diversified computing power and supports innovation through HUAWEI CLOUD.

Huawei Developer Program 2.0

At HDC.Cloud2021, Huawei also announced a US$220 million investment into its Huawei Developer Program 2.0 in 2021. The program includes:

  • HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Innovation Program
  • Kunpeng OpenMind Project
  • Ascend OpenMind Project

This rich package of support will help to foster a robust ecosystem around HUAWEI CLOUD, Kunpeng, and Ascend.

Learn more about HUAWEI CLOUD.

About HDC.Cloud2021

“Developers are the soul of the industry.”

Richard YU @ HDC.Cloud2021

HDC.Cloud 2021 takes place in the University Town in Shenzhen, China. The three-day event features keynote speeches, technical summits, training camps, code labs, developer carnivals, and a variety of forums featuring trainers, young talent, and Huawei luminaries. The event brings together the industry’s top minds, talent from the academia, as well as leaders from the developer ecosystem, together to discuss the latest trends in cloud, AI, computing, and open source.

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