iMaster NCE-FAN: Boosting Home Wi-Fi the Smart Way

ByYuan Zhiwei

May 7, 2021

Yuan Zhiwei

With the construction of gigabit optical networks continuing unabated, broadband applications will continue to grow exponentially. But for operators, ensuring a premium Wi-Fi experience to support the development of broadband applications is a new challenge. To address this, the iMaster NCE premium broadband solution provies carriers with more ways to improve user experience.

Poor QoE

People generally accept home Wi-Fi as the first way they access home networks. However, problems such as Wi-Fi interference, single-band routers, and network cables cause a poor quality of experience (QoE) are common, and beyond the capabilities of people to deal with themselves. As a result, customer dissatisfaction is common, with one carrier reporting that:

  • 50%+ of home broadband subscribers report faults on home networks.
  • 76% of subscribers do not experience their subscribed bandwidth
  • 70% of subscribers have weak Wi-Fi coverage
  • 50% of subscribers have Wi-Fi delay higher than 50 ms.

High-quality home Wi-Fi networks are the foundation of smart homes, with personalized services such as remote education, remote security, and AR and VR relying on a high-quality home Wi-Fi network.

Enter iMaster NCE-FAN

To help carriers improve the home network experience, iMaster NCE is capable of

  • Learning third-party router models and networking capabilities based on big data technology
  • Identifying poor-QoE routers and network cables
  • Helping carriers locate bandwidth bottlenecks on home networks.

The iMaster NCE evaluates home Wi-Fi quality and identifies typical  network problems such as poor roaming, coverage, and interference. Based on Huawei eAI ONTs, the iMaster NCE can accelerate specific applications on Wi-Fi networks to boost customer satisfaction.

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Carriers can replace ONTs (Optical Network Terminals), routers, and cables to ensure the bandwidth experience.

More Control for End Users

For maintenance, iMaster NCE can optimize Wi-Fi configuration using algorithms, leading to a 20% performance improvement. Moreover, the solution can send messages to users, guiding them how to troubleshoot. It also supports segment-based speed tests on the home networks for remote fault demarcation, reducing home visits by 30%.

For end users, the iMaster NCE premium Wi-Fi solution provides a mobile app to help manage Wi-Fi and enable application-level parental control. For example, parents can configure devices to connect to online education applications and block game applications at certain times.

By opening home network management capabilities for end users, carriers can improve user satisfaction, improve user loyalty, and increase sales revenue.

Currently, the iMaster NCE premium Wi-Fi solution has been commercially deployed by more than 40 operators worldwide, providing premium Wi-Fi experience for millions of home broadband users.

Visit the Huawei iMaster NCE-FAN product page.

Huawei iMaster NCE Premium Wi-Fi Solution will continue to innovate and is committed to provide better Wi-Fi experience for users and create greater value for operators.

Billy Liu, Director of Marketing, NCE Access Domain, Huawei

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