Win Big by Thinking Small at the Global Data Compression Competition 2021

ByBalal Khan

August 2, 2021

Balal Khan

As fans of the hit TV show Silicon Valley will know, data compression continues to revolutionize our digital world, shrinking the size of data so that information is more easily available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

In the show, a developer hesitantly enters the TechCrunch startup competition with a mediocre product. However the night before, he has a flash of genius, and codes all night to eventually showcase a new algorithm that breaks all known compression records.

At this year’s Global Data Compression Competition (GDCC) 2021, we are also looking for genius engineers, researchers, and students to raise the bar in lossless data compression, and win some fantastic cash prizes along the way.

About the Competition

Data compression has profound effects on the efficiency of data storage and data transmission, and with the amount of stored data growing exponentially each year, this field is of huge interest around the world.

At GDCC 2021, there are 12 categories to take part in, with 4 different test data sets to compress, and 3 speed brackets for each test.

You will be evaluated on the efficiency of your compression software by our panel of experts, made up of respected researchers in academia and industry. Keep in mind, your compressor must meet the requirements and test conditions for each category.

Awards and Prizes

A total of €202,000 is available, with a grand price of €20,000 and dozens of smaller prizes.

Students are also encouraged to join the special category for an extra chance to win.

How to Take Part

Last year, almost 5,000 competitors took part, with some submissions improving compression ratios by 10-25%, compared to popular reference compressors.

The best strategy for success is to submit as early as possible, review your position on the leaderboard, make amendments, and submit again to improve your ranking.

This year’s competition has already begun, and the final deadline for the submission of compressors is on November 15, so start thinking small and win big!

Visit to read more about the rules and take part.

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