It’s Time to Approach 5G2B Differently
Martin CreanerSeptember 20, 2021

The real power of disruptive technologies like 5G, cloud, edge, and AI to transform vertical industries will only be realized when the various players coordinate their capabilities within industry specific platforms. But how will these platforms emerge, who will dominate them & and business models will drive them?

Why Kenya Needs 5G
Adam LaneSeptember 6, 2021

For homes and businesses, 5G can offer Kenya advantages in rollout speed & affordability that can help make up for the lack of fiber & low broadband use even when it is available.

AI in Leadership: When Do You Hire AI?
Ilya BrovashovSeptember 1, 2021

Keith Grint, Professor Emeritus at Warwick University, believes that all problems managers face can be divided into three types. Understanding the limits & potential of algorithms to solve each can help build trust in AI systems.