How IP Autonomous Driving Networks Power All-Industry Digitalization


November 5, 2021


During the Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2021 in Dubai last month, Jessie Liu, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei ADN Solution, delivered the keynote speech “IP Autonomous Driving Network Fuels All-Industry Digitalization”.

Huawei’s Jessie Liu speaking at UBBF 2021 about how Autonomous Driving Networks (ADN) will power industry digitalization

“Huawei’s mission for the IP ADN is to bring digital momentum to thousands of industries and deliver cloud-network e-commerce experiences.”

Jessie Liu

Three Changes

Liu highlighted three changes to autonomous vehicles and IP ADNs.

Autonomous vehicles will shift from: 1) Fuel engines to precisely controlled electric engines; 2) Camera tech to real-time sensing Lidar; and 3) Manual to AI-assisted intelligent decision-making.

The IP ADN will feature: 1) IPv6+ as a new engine that leverages protocol and technological innovations such as SRv6, slicing, and IFIT to implement precise control of data packets on IP networks.An intelligent management & control system that constructs a digital map of networks to achieve real-time awareness of network status. This system provides connection-as-a-service, topology-as-a-service, and analysis-as-a-service interfaces to support open integration with global vendors’ OSSs.

2) An intelligent management & control system that constructs a digital map of networks to achieve real-time awareness of network status. This system provides connection-as-a-service, topology-as-a-service, and analysis-as-a-service interfaces to support open integration with global vendors’ OSSs. 3.

3) AI embedded into the device, network, and service layers, enabling intelligent decision-making in hierarchical closed loops.

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The steps to enabling cloud-network integration in industry verticals

Four Practices

In terms of Huawei’s latest progress and commercial achievements in IP ADNs, she highlighted four commercial practices that have been carried out with global operators:

Practice 1: Network Connection as a Service to build a reliable configuration platform

The Agile Open Container (AOC) is an open programmability module in Huawei iMaster NCE, which utilizes NETCONF/YANG models to flexibly integrate multi-vendor IP devices and achieve highly reliable service programmability. This lets network O&M personnel develop the features they need on their own. In just three months, it helped a European operator automate service provisioning across Huawei and Cisco devices, quickly integrating two originally independent IP networks.

Visit the Huawei Developer Community page for more information.

Practice 2: Network Path as a Service to create an HD digital map

Network Path Optimization is to the digital world what Google Maps is to the physical world. It supports real-time awareness of path status and optimal scheduling. When the status changes, it dynamically adjusts paths to prevent congestion. One of our carrier customers used Huawei iMaster NCE to automatically optimize its networks during the pandemic, which accelerate optimization from more than 3 hours to 3 minutes. No congestion occurs even if traffic increases by 40%, massively boosting customer experience.

Practice 3: AI-based Intelligent O&M, which detects in 1 minute, locates in 3 minutes & recovers in 5 minutes

With 2G, 3G, and 4G, traditional IP networks served consumers. But with 5G, these networks serve things. And people complain, but things do not. So, a solution is needed to solve the three challenges of traditional O&M:

  • Invisible
  • Inaccurate
  • Incomplete

Beijing Unicom has adopted the AI-based intelligent O&M solution by deploying iMaster NCE. The solution detects any service quality deterioration within 1 minute with the help of IFIT technology. Thanks to the fault knowledge graph and real-time analysis of micro KPIs, it can locate 25 typical faults in 3 minutes. If service quality deteriorates, it automatically reroutes the service, ensuring that faults are recovered within 5 minutes. Moreover, the solution’s long-term dynamic analysis of 80,000 micro KPIs identifies potential network risks.

Practice 4: Cloud-Network Automation, Delivering E-commerce Service Experience to Tenants

Connection as a service, topology as a service, and analysis as a service all need to be seamlessly integrated with global mainstream OSSs. Huawei works with more than 10 partners in the intelligent cloud-network open integration lab to accelerate the TTM of applications and to deliver an e-commerce service experience for cloud-network products throughout pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales.

The ADN will bring a zero touch experience with self-service ordering, zero wait with minute-level service provisioning, and zero trouble with self-service troubleshooting.”

jessie liu
  • Zero touch during pre-sales: The intelligent cloud-map algorithm can recommend products and estimate SLAs, helping tenants place orders themselves.
  • Zero wait during in-sales: Enterprise CPEs are available as soon as the hardware is installed, with no software commissioning required. SRv6 ensures that inter-province private lines can be provisioned within minutes.
  • Zero trouble during post-sales: Opening the service quality visualization and diagnosis capabilities avoids unnecessary door-to-door services and customer wait.

Huawei is committed to building an IP ADN capable of precise control, real-time awareness, and intelligent decision-making as well as propelling digitalization across all industries through constant innovation, and collaborates with global customers and partners to help both the industry and standards mature for the benefit of all.

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