UBBF 2022: The Fast Track to Cybersecurity with Huawei Cloud-Network Express


    Nov 09, 2022

    At the Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2022 in Bangkok on October 27-28, one of the key topics under discussion was how ultra-broadband 5.5G can bridge the present, with Huawei releasing a number of intelligent cloud-network innovations, including the Qiankun Cloud-Network Express.

    SMBs: Under attack

    According to Security Brief, more than 75% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) have been victims of cyber attacks, resulting in huge economic losses brought by service interruptions.

    As traditional carrier private lines provide only connectivity services, enterprises still bear the burden for line security, resulting in huge investments, complex operations, and uncertain results. Moreover, threats easily congest Internet private lines, meaning private line quality cannot be guaranteed. Customers have naturally become concerned about private line services.

    The express route to cybersecurity

    For this reason, security is a core requirement for Internet private lines, and vital for guaranteeing service availability. Today’s carrier-provided private line services are becoming more limited, so the focus of the industry has shifted to providing differentiated private line services.

    In response, Huawei launched its Qiankun Cloud-Network Express solution, assisting carriers in delivering differentiated solutions and opening up new markets for their B2B services.

    The solution comprises two core components:

    • Huawei Qiankun Shield: deployed at the enterprise network boundary to detect, analyze, and handle network traffic.
    • Huawei Qiankun cloud platform: deployed on Huawei Cloud to perform in-depth analysis on security logs sent by Qiankun Shield devices, quickly handling threats to protect customer networks.

    Huawei Qiankun CloudService offers three capabilities:

    • Security services can be subscribed to on demand. Qiankun Shield devices can be brought online in Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) mode, while cloud SaaS services are subscribe-and-use.
    • Security capabilities can be updated in real time. The defense capabilities of both the cloud platform and local Qiankun Shield devices are upgraded online in real time and then synchronized. When a threat is detected, the threat intelligence is synchronized and shared across the entire network, achieving minute-level global immunity.
    • Automatic threat handling: Huawei Qiankun adopts the cloud-edge integrated security architecture. With cloud-based analysis, threats can be automatically handled, with the automatic handling rate hitting 96%. This powers real-time global threat detection and handling within seconds.

    At UBBF, the Huawei Qiankun Cloud-Network Express booth offered a hands-on experience with cryptocurrency mining and ransomware prevention, including threat visualization, quick isolation of compromised hosts, and effective threat-handling within seconds.

    Also on show was the the simplified, intelligent, and fast Huawei Qiankun Security CloudService.

    Learn more about Huawei’s Cloud-Network Express solution for enterprise private lines and Network Security solutions for enterprises.

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