Rainforest Connection: Boosting Biodiversity Protection in Palawan Rainforest


    Dec 28, 2021

    In this guest post, Rainforest Connection give an update on new Guardian solutions installed in the Palawan rainforest and how it will boost protection of the local ecosystem and endangered species.

    The beautiful island of Palawan, the fifth-largest island in the Philippine archipelago, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve home to many threatened and endangered species such as the Malayan pangolin, Palawan binturong and Sunda tree squirrel.

    Sadly, this ecosystem is subjected to a great deal of harm in the form of illegal logging, poaching, dynamite fishing, and other destructive
    practices. Through a partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Smart Communications, a monitoring system utilizing Rainforest Connection (RFCx) Guardians and powered by HUAWEI CLOUD protects five areas across Palawan from illegal deforestation. The Guardians monitor for any sounds of chainsaws and vehicles, and send real-time alerts to on-ground partners for intervention.

    To improve on this system, new versions of the Guardians were recently installed across the island.

    This installation was unique in that it was a remote deployment — that is to say, a team of local tree climbers was used for the installation, rather than RFCx’s own deployment team. Guided closely via constant communication with RFCx experts, the local team assembled, tested, and deployed the Guardians high in the forest canopy.

    These new Guardians will dramatically increase the ability to detect incidents of illegal logging early, making it possible to intervene and to better understand patterns of deforestation on Palawan. In
    addition, the ability to carry out remote deployment of RFCx devices boosts makes it much easier for people at threatened sites around the world to make use of RFCx solutions.

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