How to Build a Secure Digital Future for Your Business


    Apr 14, 2022

    In today’s world, AI, 5G, and cloud technologies are the catalysts for countless products, applications, and services that constantly generate data. This in turn has presented new opportunities and revolutionary changes throughout society – one of the major ones being that data is the new gold in the digital economy for enterprises.

    However, they are faced with uncertainties and challenges as they require faster and more reliable storage media to host digital workloads. We are ahead of the curve in creating intelligent, powerful, and trusted storage infrastructure that reduces costs, accelerates critical workloads, and protects sensitive data.

    Over the past decade, we’ve seen a rapid shift in primary storage — from Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) to Solid State Drives (SSDs) for mission-critical workloads. Yet, storage infrastructure, especially for data protection, is also in need of new innovation and better solutions to meet the demands of the digital age.

    Data protection in a flash

    Any IT leader will tell you that the larger your company is, the less data you can afford to lose. For most of companies, any data loss or system downtime is catastrophic. With the astronomical rise in data creation and storage, the importance of data protection cannot be overstated.

    Huge data growth also requires new strategies for backup. In most cases, the backup window remains unchanged or has decreased in some cases, placing more pressure on the backup systems. IT systems are the foundation of digital transformation, and are the key to ensuring faster and better data recovery. Therefore, we need to accelerate data protection systems to create an agile and secure IT environment.

    While HDDs were once the norm for the backup systems, SSDs are now the go-to choice thanks to affordable prices and higher performance. As such, data protection solutions and systems are adopting flash-based architectures to deliver better data security.

    Safeguard your invisible assets now

    Following heavy investment in storage systems and acquiring precise insights in industry trends, we’ve redefined data protection solutions with our all-new OceanProtect Backup Storage solution, a quick, reliable system designed for backing up and restoring data at low TCO.

    This robust system is a leading dedicated backup storage built for the flash-to-flash-to-anything (F2F2X) age. It provides up to 480,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and offers instant access to data in backup images, so back up data can be used quickly. Users can start with small capacity and scale in small increments to reduce system investment.

    The system can interconnect with most mainstream backup software, such as Veritas, Veeam, and Commvault. The OceanProtect Backup Storage system solves issues around low backup efficiency and management, high TCO, and difficult data reuse, ensuring zero data loss for your services.

    Now, comprehensive protection throughout the entire data lifecycle is paramount to the success of any enterprise. IT systems not only need to back up conventional applications, but also tolerate the large data volumes of emerging ecosystem components such as big data and containers and complex applications.

    With premium performance and reliability, Huawei OceanProtect Backup Storage is a trusted choice for demanding scenarios in government, finance, carrier, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

    Now, it’s time to supercharge your backup and recovery in a flash!

    Visit the Huawei OceanProtect Backup Storage product page.

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