DTGO’s Forestias Community: 4 Concepts of Sustainable Happiness


October 11, 2022


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On Day 1 of Huawei Connect 2022 Bangkok, Huawei invited DTGO CTO Kittikun Potivanakul to give a speech on the Forestias Community, an ambitious and innovative project in Thailand’s capital city that plans to build a green community using cutting-edge network tech and architecture.


Founded in 1993, DTGO is active in five business areas, one of which is property development that prioritizes wellness, luxury, and lifestyle along with our partner MQDC. The group is active across several commercial sectors alongside its non-profit initiatives in education, healthcare, and the environment.

DTGO is a ‘business-social’ organization dedicated to serving society and the world at large. We aim to add value in everything it does, meeting customer needs while ensuring benefits to other stakeholders and the world.

The Forestias: Building sustainable happiness

Image source: DTGO

DTGO has set the vision of building a modern neighborhood amongst a forest-like environment to re-connect people and nature. As a flagship community project with a total investment of US$4 billion, Forestias is located in Bangna Bangkok, an area with rich natural resources. The community covers an area of 64 hectares and comprises multiple residential, park, community, and commercial areas.

The Forestias Community is more than just an inspired and ambitious dream. It’s about imagination, vision, and creating a community of intergenerational residences and green spaces within the city limits of Bangkok.

We have identified four concepts of sustainable happiness:

Image source: DTGO

In Forestias, forest and green space are planned to cover over half of the landscape, ensuring the well-being of both wildlife and residents. To combine the best of leisure and conservation, these intensively planted ecosystems will be divided into different zones, giving residents many enchanting green areas to explore.

Forestias is not just the concept of combining forests with an urban dream; it is also the development vision of DTGO and is taking the lead in developing the Bangna district of Bangkok. The community consensus is to empower life with green technology, and start a new journey to bring better ICT experience through the concept of systems fully connected and data fully integrated.

Why Forestias chooses Huawei FTTO

Image source: DTGO

DTGO believes that Huawei FTTO comprises three particular benefits that can build green ICT infrastructure for Forestias. The FTTO soluton:

  • Achieves a green revolution in terms of fiber technologies and simplified architecture. The FTTO solution uses optical cables instead of traditional copper cables as the network transmission media, reducing the carbon footprint by one third per kilometer of cables. Using passive splitters that do not need power supply instead of active aggregation switches, the solution reduces the network layers from three to two, the number of extra-low voltage rooms by 80%, power consumption by 60%, and TCO by 40%.
  • Drives green development based on point-to-multipoint architecture and multi-network convergence, extending fiber to terminals. One optical network carries multiple services such as Wi-Fi 6, public address (PA), CCTV, and video backhaul, achieving ubiquitous gigabit connections. The passive optical distribution network requires no maintenance. Optical network units (ONUs) are plug-and-play, making maintenance simple and efficient. The entire network is centrally managed, reducing fault location time by 90%. In the past, it was very difficult to access the Internet in tunnels. Now, with the FTTO solution, we can cover up to 40 km, and the Wi-Fi 6 wireless network can be directly extended to everywhere. FTTO allows people in the community to access the Internet anywhere.
  • Powers green evolution based on the long service life of all-optical networks. Compared with copper cables, fibers have a service life four times longer. In addition, fibers have an unlimited transmission bandwidth and support smooth evolution from 10G PON to 50G PON without changing cables or replacing platform devices, paving the way for the Forestias community to enjoy higher bandwidth in the future.
Image source: DTGO

DTGO has teamed up with Huawei to build green, efficient, intelligent O&M system using the Huawei FTTO solution, to achieve energy conservation, intelligent security protection, and value adding smart campus, helping Forestias community to improve the quality of life for residents and those living in surrounding communities while promoting sustainable innovation.

Image source: DTGO

We believe that in the coming years, DTGO will continue to create many great projects, while advocating social responsibility and care for adding value for all.

DTGO will continuously strengthen cooperation with technology enterprises such as Huawei, to achieve a new generation of “Smart Campus” based on green ICT.

Learn more about DTGO and the Forestias Community.


Further Info

Watch the video to learn more about FTTO architecture in various scenarios.

Video source: Huawei

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