Huawei Places in CDP’s A-list for Climate Change Performance


    Jan 17, 2023

    The non-profit charity CDP has ranked Huawei in its top A-list category based on our performance in climate change and disclosure transparency.

    CDP also granted Huawei an “Excellent Environmental Leadership Award”.

    “Environmental transparency is the first vital step towards a net-zero and nature-positive future. In a year of ever-increasing environmental concerns around the world – from extreme weather to unprecedented losses to nature – the need for transformational, urgent and collaborative change is more critical than ever.”

    Dexter Galvin, Global Director of Corporations and Supply Chains at CDP

    Some of the things we’re doing

    Tech for a Better Planet

    ICT is a powerful tool to work towards environmental sustainability and is central to our business and strategic approach to developing and deploying products and solutions. Our Tech for a Better Planet approach is based on four areas of focus:

    • Reducing carbon emissions: slow climate change by developing green technologies and processes, running green partner programs, and creating a green industry ecosystem.
    • Promoting renewable energy: develop technologies and strategies that help industries move away from fossil fuels and embrace clean and renewable energy.
    • Contributing to a circular economy: minimize our carbon footprint by thinking green from the design stage, refining our production processes, and optimizing our recycling system.
    • Conserving nature with technology: use technology to conserve nature and mitigate the effects of climate change in ways that help protect our planet more efficiently and effectively.

    Learn more about Huawei’s Tech for a Better Planet strategy.

    Some facts & stats

    • Less than 1.5% of e-waste from Huawei’s ICT business is landfilled and no e-waste from our smart devices is landfilled.
    • We used 40% more electricity from renewable energy sources on Huawei campuses in 2021 compared with 2020.
    • Supported by Huawei, 98% of our top 100 suppliers and energy-intensive suppliers had set carbon emissions reduction targets by the end of 2021.
    • Huawei has joined the Digital with Purpose Movement launched by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), pledging to combat climate change and report on our progress.

    “Sustainable development is an important part of Huawei’s overall strategy. To address the global challenge of climate change, we believe that technology is a key enabler of sustainable development, to create a more inclusive and environmentally friendly world. Huawei hopes to work with global customers, suppliers, and partners to promote green and sustainable development in various industries and build a low-carbon society.”

    Tao Jingwen, Director of the Board and Director of the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee for Huawei


    Huawei’s long-term digital inclusion initiative TECH4ALL aims to leave no one behind in the digital world. Environment – alongside education, development, and health – is one of the initiative’s four domains.

    With our partners, including Rainforest Connection and IUCN, we are running environmental projects across the globe. Many of these are designed to study or help combat climate change and safeguard biodiversity by preventing deforestation through illegal logging, habitat loss, and poaching using technologies such as audio-monitoring devices in tandem with cloud and AI solutions.

    Learn more

    Digital Power solutions

    Huawei’s Digital Power business focuses on areas such as clean power generation, transport electrification, and green ICT infrastructure to contribute to global energy transition.

    By the end of 2022, Huawei’s Digital Power solutions had helped our customers generate over 695.1 billion kWh of green power and reduce the power our customers consume by 19.5 billion kWh, equivalent to offsetting nearly 340 million tons of CO2 emissions.

    Learn more about Huawei’s Digital Power solutions.


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