February News Roundup


    Mar 07, 2023

    The News Roundup series brings you Huawei’s main monthly news in brief. So, what’s been making headlines in February?

    Click here for January’s news roundup.

    Feb 28: Huawei Wins 4 GLOMOs at MWC Barcelona 2023

    The annual GSMA GLOMO awards at MWC Barcelona recognize outstanding contributions of organizations that change how people, communities, and businesses interact and evolve in a digital-first world.

    This year, Huawei took home four GLOMOs. Check out the press releases linked below or read the summary on this blog here.

    Feb 28: MWC 2023: Huawei Launches Simplified Network and Data Center Solutions for the Intelligent World

    Huawei announced new products in four fields for simplifying networks at MWC Barcelona 2023:

    • Smart campus: redefines campus networks and includes the Next-Generation enterprise flagship core switch CloudEngine S16700, the first enterprise-level Wi-Fi 7 AP AirEngine 8771-X1T, and the first 50G PON OLT and optical terminal product.
    • Easy branch: the industry’s first simplified hyper-converged branch solution.
    • Single OptiX: the industry’s first end-to-end optical service unit (OSU) product portfolio.
    • Cloud WAN: defines a new cloud WAN and includes NetEngine 8000 series routers to enable an all-service intelligent router platform.
    • DC solution: four industry-first products and product portfolios.

    Learn more here.

    Feb 28: Huawei Launches Digital Managed Network Solution for Carriers to Grow B2B Services

    Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line introducing the solution at MWC Barcelona 2023

    The solution includes:

    • Private Line + Managed LAN
    • Private Line + Managed WAN
    • Private Line + Managed Security
    • Private Line + Managed DCN
    • Private Line Upgrades

    These new offerings help carriers add digital managed network services on top of IP private lines, enabling them to upgrade quality assurance and automation capabilities of network infrastructures for differentiated site-to-cloud private lines.

    Learn more here.

    Feb 27: Huawei Launches 3 Solutions to Drive F5.5G and Achieve 10 Gbps Everywhere

    Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, launches the three solutions at MWC Barcelona 2023
    • In the all-optical home field, Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30 is the industry’s first all-optical FTTR networking product that runs on the C-WAN architecture to achieve major improvements in aesthetics, speed, roaming, coverage, concurrency, and services.
    •  In the ultra-broadband access field, Huawei 50G PON is the industry’s first commercial solution to implement the following functions: (1) high-density symmetrical 50G PON, (2) a tapered amplifier and a superlattice reflection structure, and (3) the integration of GPON, 10G PON, and 50G PON into one port.
    •  In the all-optical metro network field, the Huawei OptiX Alps-WDM solution provides four stand-out capabilities: agile, long-term, pooling, and simplified.

    Learn more about the features & benefits of these three solutions.

    Feb 27: Huawei Launches the Industry’s First Dual-Engine Container Solution for the 5.5G Era

    Richard Liu, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, announces the solution at his keynote at MWC Barcelona 2023

    The Dual-Engine Container solution accommodates VMs and containers in the same resource pool, with key technologies enhancing carrier-grade cloud-native capabilities. The solution:

    • Features fully-converged architecture that outperforms VM-based architecture by 15% to 20%, frees existing software from correlative upgrades, improves network reliability, and makes O&M easier.
    • Enables operators to adopt containers in existing networks through capacity expansion instead of new deployment and enables existing resources to be shared, improving integration by 25% and halving TTM.

    Learn more here.

    Feb 26: Huawei Joins UNESCO Global Alliance for Literacy to Step Up Talent Cultivation

    Huawei announced that it has joined the UNESCO Global Alliance for Literacy (GAL) at a Digital Talent Summit co-hosted by Huawei and the Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), which serves as the Secretariat of the GAL.

    Huawei’s Vicky Zhang & UIL Director David Atchoarena sign agreement for Huawei to join GAL

    Read more here.

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    Feb 15: Huawei OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage Selected as Top High-End Storage Array by DCIG

    The Huawei OceanStor Dorado 18000 and 8000 were named in the 2023-24 DCIG TOP 5 High-End Storage Arrays

    • Running SmartMatrix full-mesh architecture, the systems are the industry’s only offerings that ensure service continuity in the event of a failure of seven out of eight controllers, or one out of two controller enclosures.
    • Combined with the innovative FlashLink® intelligent algorithm, the systems deliver ultra-fast file and block performance across controllers, enclosures, and SSDs.

    Learn more here.

    Feb 13: Huawei & Partners Win World AI Prize at Cannes Festival for Protecting Norway’s Wild Salmon

    Huawei and partners received the Neurons Awards Special Jury Prize at World AI Cannes Festival 2023 for an AI-based solution designed to save Norway’s wild Atlantic salmon from extinction.

    With its populating halving since the 1980s, the wild Atlantic salmon is endangered due to the mass-influx of Pacific salmon.

    The solution uses underwater video technology and AI to identify Pacific salmon. An automated gate system filters the invasive species into a holding tank, preventing them from swimming upstream to breed.

    The solution filters invasive Pacific salmon into a holding tank

    The system lets wild Atlantic salmon and Arctic red-spotted salmon pass through to complete their breeding cycles upstream.

    Learn more here.

    Feb 09: Huawei Wins 4 Awards at 2023 Lightwave Innovation Reviews

    Read more about the winning solutions.

    Feb 02: China Unicom Guangdong and Huawei Win GSMA’s 5G Productivity Challenge

    China Unicom Guangdong and Huawei’s 5G Digital Fishing project won GSMA’s “5G Productivity Challenge” in recognition of extending first-class wireless coverage to fishermen at sea.

    The Huawei 5G MetaAAU (pictured right) provides mobile broadband services for fishing vessels.

    Feb 02: stc and Huawei Complete 1st 50G PON Live Trial in Middle East

    stc and Huawei at the live trial

    stc (The Saudi Telecom Company) Group & Huawei completed the first 50G PON trial in the Middle East on a live optical network.

    50G PON is the latest in broadband technology offering both consumers and businesses upgraded and secure broadband usage.

    Learn more here.

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    For more February news, visit the Huawei Newsroom.

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