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    Apr 13, 2023

    A guest post from author, advisor, and influencer Elise Quevedo covering a power chat with Huawei’s Edwin Diender on digital power trends and solutions.

    As announced in our Pre-MWC23 video, I caught up with Edwin Diender, CIO Electric Power Digitalization Business Unit, Huawei Enterprise Business Group to discuss his MWC23 highlights.

    We spoke about:

    ➡️ Edwin MWC23 highlights (01:2307:50)

    ➡️ Are face-to-face events still important? (07:5114:25)

    ➡️ Updates from the Electric Power department (14:2621:50)

    Huawei says it’s committed to becoming the best transition partner for the global electric power industry. Laying a digital platform and establishing an ecosystem of industry partners — a strategy coined as platform + ecosystem — Huawei integrates innovative Information Communications Technology (ICT) and digital power platforms with best industry practices to build its solution system for the electric power industry.

    During our chat, Edwin shared a few of their electric power solutions:

    Solution 1: Intelligent Wind Power Network

    End-to-end network connections for wind farm, step-up substation, O&M centers, implementing unmanned and intelligent wind power inspection.

    Solution 2: Intelligent Substation Inspection

    Innovative IT technologies are integrated with OT systems to implement multi-dimensional, real-time sensing of devices and environments of substations.

    Solution 3: Power Distribution IoT

    Based on the industry’s specific hardware platform and software app architecture, this implements flexible access for various services and ensures power grid security.

    Solution 4: Electric Power Wireless Campus Network

    Using loT, Wi-Fi 6, SD-WAN, and Al technologies, this solution builds a secure, reliable, and smart 0&M campus network.

    If you want to know more about how Electric Power moves further, I suggest watching the “Electric Power | Find the Right Technologies to Power Global Energy Transition session” led by Edwin during MWC23

    Speakers included:

    • Nikos Hatziargyriou, Professor of National Technical University of Athens
    • Zhou Haojie, COO Electric Power Digitalization Business Unit, Huawei
    • Darmawan Prasodjo, CEO, PT PLN
    • Dimitrios Zografos, Director, Asset Management, IPTO
    • José Said Flores Alonso, Director, CFE Telecom

    Discovering more examples of how technology and innovation can help society be more efficient and productive.

    Let’s continue building the right partnerships around the globe, because as I always say, together we are stronger.

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