Tech4Nature: Introducing the Smart Protected Areas White Paper


    Jun 26, 2023

    Huawei and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). launched the Smart Protected Areas White Paper at the third Tech4Nature online summit in the first week of June.

    The paper was developed by Huawei, IUCN China, and the Ecology and Nature Conservation Institute of Chinese Academy of Forestry.

    The increasing role of tech in nature conservation

    Showcasing existing use cases and best practices in China, the white paper is designed to serve as a reference point for the conservation industry to plan and develop smart protected areas for specific scenarios using information and communication technologies (ICT).

    By analyzing the features and challenges of different conservation scenarios, as well as the advantages and limitations of certain ICTs, the paper provides actionable suggestions on solution architecture for smart conservation using technologies such as communications networks, cloud, IoT, big data, sensing technology, and AI analytics.

    Tech4Nature in action: C Minds’ Regina Cervera installs an infrared camera as part of an AI & cloud powered solution to safeguard Mexico’s endangered jaguars

    The white paper is also a call to action for urgent intervention in the environmental crises facing the planet. The detailed guidance provided is a strong impetus for accelerating the digital transformation of nature conservation and promoting a holistic approach to the application of ICT in the field.


    With multiple pilot projects running in protected areas worldwide with local partners, Huawei and IUCN launched the Tech4Nature program in 2020 to develop solutions for 300 protected areas globally and measure their efficacy against the IUCN Green List.

    Aligned with the Tech4Nature project approach, the detailed solution architecture in the white paper covers:

    • Ecological protection and restoration
    • Resource management
    • Scientific research monitoring
    • Science education, recreation and leisure
    • Community development, and integrated management.

    Tech4Nature Online Summit

    Themed Smarter Biodiversity Conservation, the Tech4Nature summit focused on the growing and pivotal role of technology in conservation, where data-driven insights delivered by appropriate ICT solutions can in turn guide targeted and better-informed conservation decisions for threatened ecosystems.

    Held on June 5 to coincide with World Environment Day, the event brought together a range of Tech4Nature partners, including IUCN, WWF Italy, Rainforest Connection, Mexico’s C Minds and the Governor of Yucatan, and the Shandong Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve.

    A number of current Tech4Nature projects were discussed at the event, including protecting bird life in China, monitoring biodiversity in agroecosystems in Italy, and safeguarding jaguars and other endangered species in Mexico’s Yucatan.

    Download the Smart Protected Areas White Paper.

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