Upgrade Your Enterprise with Huawei’s Global Services

ByHank Stokbroekx

July 27, 2023

Hank Stokbroekx

In this explainer interview, Vice President for Huawei’s Enterprise Services Hank Stokbroekx looks at how Huawei’s Global Services team:

  • Focuses on understanding enterprises’ specific challenges and business goals in different industry verticals to provide tailored tech solutions and services.
  • Develops long-term partnerships with customers to optimize global services beyond the implementation stage.
  • Fosters close relationships with local partners to meet local requirements.

Interview breakdown

0.00-1.55: What are Huawei’s Global Services?

“In the old days, customers would buy the technology and the responsibility for installing and extrapolating value from the technology would be with the customer. That no longer works….”

  • Introduces the approach of integrating new solutions and technologies into legacy IT infrastructure and how vendors are crucial for extracting value for customers as part of a long-term partnership.

1.57-6.53: What value do these services provide for customers?

“So the point is to look at the business outcomes the customer is expecting, and that will determine the value that the technology will provide.”

  • Explains how the lifecycle methodology of how global services create value for customers, spanning understanding an enterprise’s specific circumstances and goals, and how that is reflected through operation services, managed services, O&M, and optimization.

6.56-8.11: How do you build long-term relationships with customers?

“What we don’t do is go into a customer, deploy some technology, and then say goodbye, now it’s yours….”

  • Examines why the long-term approach is essential for shared success.

8.14-10.02: Can you explain the role of partners in delivering global services?

“Partners are critical to understanding the local situation and drive business locally with customers.”

  • Explains how trusted long-term partners are crucial for the global services mix.

10.0512.48: Can you give an example of services you provide that achieve positive business outcomes?

“All this was accomplished by us first listening to the customers. What are your challenges, what can we do to make it more efficient, translating that into a technology solution, finding the right partners….”

  • A look at how Huawei’s smart port solution that took port workers out of 40-meter crane cockpits and into air-conditioned offices, ramping up efficiency, precision, and speed at the same time with 5G, AI, and fiber.

Find out more about Huawei’s Global Services in your region.

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