July News Roundup


    Aug 01, 2023

    The News Roundup series brings you Huawei’s main monthly news in brief. So, what made headlines in July?

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    July 28: Huawei OceanStor: First Storage Product to Get DEKRA Product Carbon Footprint & DEKRA Seal Certificates

    Award Ceremony for presenting the certificates

    Huawei OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage is the world’s first data storage product to receive:

    • a DEKRA Certificate for ISO14067 carbon footprint compliance.
    • the DEKRA Seal, which can be fixed onto products as independent, third-party proof of performance.

    Why this matters

    • Data centers (DC) will account for 4.5% of total global energy consumption by 2025, making DC energy-efficiency critical to global decarbonization, especially as data traffic continues to skyrocket.

    “Huawei OceanStor All-Flash Storage won the world’s first DEKRA storage product carbon footprint and seal certificates, setting a fine example in energy-saving technology development of the storage industry. DEKRA is dedicated to driving green and sustainable development to enable enterprises, and will work with Huawei in driving the shift towards low-carbon development and building a green future.”

    Frank Hua, Vice President of Automotive and Industrial Services, DEKRA China

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    Learn more about Huawei OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage.

    July 20: Huawei’s Intelligent Distributed OLTs Score Highest in GlobalData FTTP Competitive Landscape Assessment

    GlobalData named Huawei an “FTTP Leader” in its FTTP (Fiber to the Premise) Competitive Landscape Assessment, giving the highest scores to Huawei’s SmartAX MA5800/EA5800 series of OLT (Optical Line Terminal) products for:

    • Customer and Market Traction
    • Deployment Flexibility
    • Density/Scalability, Capacity
    • ONT Range
    Source: GlobalData

    July 14: South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa Opens Huawei Innovation Center

    HE Cyril Ramaphosa (center) at the ribbon cutting

    The new innovation center will promote joint innovation with Huawei’s South African partners, app developers, and SMMEs (small, medium, and micro enterprises) in the ICT space.

    The center will also showcase Huawei’s latest innovations in areas such as 5G, Cloud, and AI.

    July 14: Huawei Ranks 1st for 4th Consecutive Year in GlobalData NFVI Competitiveness Report

    GlobalData‘s recent report Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI)/Telco Cloud Infrastructure: Competitive Landscape Assessment ranked Huawei’s telco cloud solution “Leader” for the fourth year running.

    Source: GlobalData / The report evaluates telco cloud vendors in the 6 areas shown in the above graphic as well as ‘Overall”

    Huawei’s telco cloud solution achieved full scores in the NFVI field in all dimensions.

    The value of telco cloud

    Telco cloud infrastructure enables operators to automate network functions to meet growing traffic demands, requiring carrier-grade performance, reliability, and scalability for network functions deployed at central data centers and network edges.

    Learn more about Huawei’s Telco Cloud solution.

    July 13: Huawei Announces Royalty Rates for Patent License Programs

    Huawei, one of the world’s largest patent holders, has announced royalty rates for its handsets, Wi-Fi, and IoT patent license programs.

    Over the past 20 years, Huawei has been a major contributor to mainstream ICT standards, such as cellular, Wi-Fi, and multimedia codecs.

    At the Huawei IPR 2023 event on June 13, Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping said:

    “Huawei is willing to share cutting-edge innovations in the form of patents with the world. These will support the common, sustainable development of industries globally.”

    The event featured sharing sessions by experts on a wide range of areas, including:

    • 5.5G research.
    • audio and video technologies.
    • 10-size adjustable aperture in mobile phones.
    • a general obstacle detection network that helps cars identify abnormal objects outside the white list of general obstacles.
    • algorithms that can enable intelligent production scheduling and optimization.

    Read more about Huawei’s IPR Vision and Strategy.

    July 11: Huawei Hosts Challenge to Develop Machine Learning Models to Cut Energy Consumption of Base Stations

    Curated by Huawei, the 5G energy consumption modelling challenge aims to develop machine learning models that reduce the energy consumption of base stations from any manufacturer.

    Team registration is open and will close on 30 September 2023. A panel of judges will evaluate the best solutions, which will be presented during COP28 to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Dubai at the end of November.

    Winners will receive cash prizes and Huawei internships and collaboration opportunities.

    Over 3,000 experts attended the AI for Good Summit in Geneva

    Huawei announced its problem statement at the ITU AI for Good Summit 2023, which was attended by around 3,000 experts.

    “The problem statements announced here, supported by a global community of key actors including Huawei, may offer a glimpse into exciting new paths, creating momentum for joint digital climate action.”

    Thomas Basikolo, ITU Programme Officer and coordinator and manager of ITU’s Machine Learning and 5G activities

    Find out more about the challenge here.

    July 7: UNIDO and Huawei Launch Global alliance on AI for Industry and Manufacturing (AIM Global)

    At the 6th World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), UNIDO, Huawei, and other partners launched the “Global Alliance on Artificial Intelligence for Industry and Manufacturing” (AIM Global).

    Led by UNIDO, AIM Global will integrate public and private partners to promotion innovation in and the use of AI in industry and manufacturing.

    Gerd Müller., Director General for UNIDO, speaks at WAIC

    “It is our shared responsibility to ensure that advancements in the field of AI are made in a manner that is safe, ethical, sustainable and inclusive. AIM Global recognizes the importance of bridging the digital divide between nations and industries, and ensuring that no one is left behind in the AI revolution. AIM Global will be at the forefront of shaping the AI landscape. Let us work collaboratively to build a future where AI is a force for good, where its benefits are accessible to all, and where innovation thrives in harmony with our shared values.”

    Gerd Müller., Director General for UNIDO

    The alliance will benefit from the local networks and insights of UNIDO’s investment and technology offices that support SMEs globally. The understanding of challenges SMEs face across sectors will help guide the strategy of AIM Global and maximize its impact.

    June 03: China Mobile and Huawei Unveil Industry’s First ‘0 Bit, 0 Watt’ Energy Saving Innovations

    The China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Zhejiang, and Huawei launched a series of ‘0 bit, 0 watt’ energy-saving innovations at MWC Shanghai 2023 for equipment and networks.

    The upgrades:

    • enable equipment to go into super deep dormancy and be woken up when needed
    • enable a 99% shutdown ratio of RF modules, the highest in the industry.
    • achieve intent-driven intelligent network energy-saving for the first time, maximizing the energy efficiency of multi-band networks by optimizing each site each time.

    China Mobile and Huawei have worked on energy-saving innovations for wireless networks over the past 5 years, aiming to drive zero equipment and network energy consumption when there is no traffic.

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