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September 1, 2023


Aug 29: ICPC Challenge Championship Powered by Huawei Concludes in Dongguan

Huawei and ICPC Foundation hosted the ICPC Challenge Championship, a training-camp style coding challenge specifically designed for champions of previous challenges.

The championship involved 58 contestants from 25 countries, with more than ten coaches mentoring the contestants who battled with a problem designed by Huawei Cloud and Huawei’s 2012 Labs on “Buffer Sharing and Pre-allocation for Multi-tenant Database.”

With a prize pool of €47,000, contestants had to solve the problem within five hours. The prize money was shared between 12 winners, with one contestant taking home the grand prize of €10,000.

Find out more about the global finals of the ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Aug 25: Huawei and Ericsson Sign Patent License Agreement

Huawei and Ericsson have signed a long-term global patent cross-licensing agreement covering standards from 3GPP, ITU, IEEE, and IETF and 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular technologies. The agreement covers the companies’ respective sales of network infrastructure and consumer devices, granting both parties global access to each other’s patented, standardized technologies.

Over the past 20 years, Huawei has been a major contributor to mainstream ICT standards, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and multimedia codecs. In 2022, Huawei topped the European Patent Office’s applicant ranking for number of patent applications filed, with 4,505 applications.

Through the signing of this agreement, it is both giving and receiving access to key technologies.

Learn more about Huawei’s patents.

Aug 18: Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30 Products Win 2023 iF & Red Dot Design Awards

Huawei’s FTTR OptiXstar F30 products recently won both the iF and Red Dot Design Awards, two leading international awards that recognize industrial design. Minimalist and compact, the products offer innovative Wi-Fi algorithms, ultra-low network latency, and seamless Wi-Fi roaming.

Six upgrades

  • Aesthetic: rocks a ceramic design available in four colors, with built-in antennas and hidden heat dissipation holes.
  • Rate: delivers a whole-house 2,000 M/bits rate.
  • Coverage: features multi-beam dual-polarized antennas and patented signal source positioning algorithms, so the Wi-Fi signal follows users and eliminates blind spots.
  • Roaming: achieves sub-20-ms handover latency.
  • Concurrency: minimizes Wi-Fi interference with unique multi-AP collaborative concurrency assurance technology and guarantees concurrent bandwidth for up to 128 smart devices.
  • Service: provides one-stop 5A service capabilities for operators to build premium service capabilities from planning, construction, and acceptance to maintenance and optimization.

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Aug 18: Huawei FusionCube Named One of DCIG’s Top 5 Enterprise HCI Providers

 The Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG) featured Huawei FusionCube as a globally leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) providers in its DCIG 2023-24 Top 5 report due to its:

  • simplified and intelligent O&M management
  • diverse computing ecosystems
  • high density and flexible hardware integration

The report provides a detailed analysis of and recommendations for products and technologies, considering the main factors that influence customer choice.

Learn more about Huawei FusionCube HCI.

Aug 15: Huawei Obtains Highest-level Security Certification for Smart Device OSs

Huawei’s HongMeng Kernel was awarded the industry’s first Evaluation Assurance Level 6 Augmented (EAL6+) certificate as part of Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC), the highest security level available in the field of general-purpose operating system (OS) kernels.

Huawei is the world’s first smart device manufacturer to receive the certification in this particular domain.

SGS Brightsight performed the evaluation.

We believe that HongMeng Kernel will become one of the most important building blocks in future Huawei IoT and mobile products. Securing CC EAL6+ also shows the dedication of Huawei to create secure products.”

Kai-Fan Chang, COO Asia, SGS Brightsight

Learn more about Huawei’s commitment to cybersecurity.

Aug 11: Huawei Announces 2023 H1 Business Results

In 2023 H1, Huawei generated CNY 310.9 billion in revenue, with a year-on-year increase of 3.1% and a net profit margin of 15.0%. The company’s ICT infrastructure business contributed CNY 167.2 billion, its consumer business CNY 103.5 billion, its cloud business CNY 24.1 billion, its digital power business CNY 24.2 billion, and its intelligent automotive solution (IAS) business CNY 1 billion.

[1],The financial data disclosed here are unaudited figures compiled in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.
[2],Exchange rate at the end of June 2023: US$1 = CNY7.2543 (source: external agencies).

Aug 03: Huawei Cloud Pangu-Weather Model Now Available on European Weather Agency Website

Image source: ECMWF

Huawei Cloud’s Pangu-Weather Model is now available on the website of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) to view for free viewing.

ECMWF also released the technical report The rise of data-driven weather forecasting, which states that machine learning could be a game-changer for traditional numerical weather prediction (NWP) methods.

A new NWP paradigm is emerging relying on inference from ML models and state-of-the-art analysis and reanalysis datasets for forecast initialization and model training.

Extract from The rise of data-driven weather forecasting report

ECMWF recently used Pangu-Weather to successfully predict the path of Typhoon DOKSURI which landed in southern China in July.

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