MWC2022 Barcelona: Lighting Up the Connected Future


    Mar 07, 2022

    If you missed us at MWC22 Barcelona, we’ve got you covered in this series of three blog posts. Under the theme Lighting Up the Future, Huawei’s exhibition comprised three main areas.

    1. Lighting up the Connected Future
    2. Lighting up the Green Future
    3. Lighting up the Digital Future

    In this post, I look at Lighting Up the Connected Future, covering our GUIDE strategy, Gigaverse MBB networks, and Network for Cloud.

    Three main drivers

    Huawei’s vision and mission are tobring digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world – one that is underpinned by digital technologies.

    We believe there are three driving forces shaping the future world:

    • Business-driven forces: involves the application of digital technologies in various industries to drive industry digitilization and continuously improve the services and service experience of home and business users.
    • Technology-driven forces: relates to constantly evolving new connectivity (5G Advanced, 6G, IPv6+) and computing technologies that enable new applications. 
    • Sustainability-driven forces: Green development, social responsibility, and the need for a fast response to emergency situations (like the pandemic) are bringing about profound changes.   

    GUIDE to the future

    For carriers to have a clearer understanding of the evolution of their networks and operations on the journey to becoming a ‘digital telco’, we have proposed our GUIDE business vision to serve as a blueprint and for business plans and target network planning:

    • Gigaverse Initiatives: All-scenario giga networks will revolutionize digital life and enable new industries.
    • Ultra-Automation Speed-up: Automation is necessary to reconstruct O&M and resolve uncertainty and complexity.
    • Intelligent Computing & Network as a Service: Cloud-network synergy will maximize the benefits of cloud computing, network transportation resource allocation, and synergy.
    • Differentiated Experience On-Demand: Diversified experience guaranteed on demand will facilitate multi-dimensional monetization.
    • ESG – More Bits, Less Watts: Green ICT three-layer architecture (site, network, and O&M) will help build a sustainable society.

    Building Gigaverse MBB Networks

    The target Mobile Broadband (MBB) Gigaverse network has three key charactertistics: supporting a Gigabitexperience for everyone, expanding Gigabit coverage everywhere, and enabling the digital transformation of all industries.

    Huawei’s value proposition for the target 5G MBB Gigaverse network is to:

    • Boost user experience 10x (compared to 4G).
    • Reduce the cost per bit and power consumption per bit by 90%/
    • Support rapid DOU growth and 2C/2B/2H service development capabilities that promote business growth.
    • Support the development of consumer services (2C), video content, and applications such as AR/VR/XR and cloud gaming.
    • Promote 5G as a key enabler of Industrial Digital Transformation, which is already proven in areas such as Industrial Internet, smart ports, and smart mines.
    Smart 5G Port at Ningbo Zhoushan

    Huawei can help to build MBB Gigaverse networks by:

    • Maximizing site value with Massive MIMO/multi-antenna solutions that provide wider coverage with less sites. TDD solutions are M-MIMO 64TRx/32TRx, and FDD solutions are multi-antenna (4T-8T-Massive MIMO).

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    • Maximize spectrum value through fewer, higher-capacity modules: TDD 100 MHz, 200 MHz and 400 MHz can boost the value of large bandwidth. FDD shifts from single-band to multi-band, and ultra-broadband implements simplified sub-3G deployment.
    • Building extremely energy-efficient (green) sites, networks and operations. Energy efficiency provides two benefits: reduces carbon footprint to meet operators’ ESR goals and lowers energy costs to meet cost reduction goals.
    • Complementing the macro base station solution with pole, micro, and small-cell sites to offer a complete, on-demand and all-scenario solution.

    Network for Cloud

    The majority of carriers are pursuing a converged strategy that moves away from multi-network and multi-platform architectures (with complex O&M & high TCO) in favor of a simpler and converged transport network. Networks are evolving towards more efficient O&M operations with intelligent, full-lifecycle closed loop management, as well as much greener operations.

    Huawei’s value poposition for an intelligent, IP converged network comprises:

    • Network Simplification with the unified platform NetEngine 8000 series full-service routers.
    • Intelligent O&M that is reliable and simple.
    • The industry’s first green engine for saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

    Ultra-broadband, ultra low latency, deterministic, and reliable all-optical networks are required for services such as 5G and video, connecting more tiers of DCs (central, regional, and edge), and providing high-quality connectivity services for enterprise and goverment customers. All-Optical network architecture should comprise:

    • One Mesh 3D Backbone network, evolving from multiple planes to a single mesh architecture and capable of 100 Tbit/s per fiber.
    • One Hop Connection & E2E OXC, evolving from electrical swiching/cross connect to an all-optical switching/cross connect architecture.
    • One OTN for All, evolving from multiple access technologies to a unified, all-optical OTN access technogy for all customer segments.

    Digital Operations Transformation

    Digital transformation lets operators boost customer experience in multiple ways.

    Virtually every operator recognizes that digital operations are the only way that they can provide customers with the level of experience they expect. Having supported 100 digital transformation projects and has developed a set of best practices based on this experience, Huawei can support carriers’ digital transformation in three major ways:

    • Business agility: know your customer. When you understand wants and needs, you are in a position to grow revenue by fulfilling them. Huawei’s next-generation operations support system allows you to leverage network data to know your customers better.
    • Ultimate experience: With the advent of the digital era, customers demand higher-quality network products and services, requiring operators to shift from monitoring KPIs to monitoring the service experience. Huawei’s O&M platforms can help ensure the customer satisfaction is high. 
    • Intelligent O&M: Huawei’s Digital Operations platform implements automatic and intelligent fault prediction, automatic demarcation, automatic diagnosis, and knowledge collection, improving O&M efficiency.

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    Disclaimer: Any views and/or opinions expressed in this post by individual authors or contributors are their personal views and/or opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of Huawei Technologies.


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