Lighting Up Digital LATAM with IPv6 Enhanced


    Jun 28, 2022

    At the LATAM ICT 2022 Congress in Mexico’s Cancun, Huawei held the IP GALA Summit themed Embracing FTTH & Cloud: Building Best-Experience IP Networks.

    More than 100 professionals from telecom research institutes, standards organizations, analysts, operators, and enterprises attended this summit. Participants shared and exchanged views on IPv6 Enhanced policies, standards, interoperability, ecology, innovation, and talent training, and promoted the development of the IP industry in Latin America.

    Bob Cai, President of Huawei’s Latin America Carrier Business, gave an opening speech titled IPv6: Lighting up Digital LATAM. Cai pointed out that fiber and IP are the two foundations for building a digital network. Building a fully connected and highly reliable basic link through Fiber to Everywhere and providing IP addresses for the Internet of Everything through IP on Everything, and providing on-demand, high-quality connectivity for services. IPv6 Enhanced was born to serve the vision of IP on Everything.

    Based on IPv6 and its enhanced features, IPv6 Enhanced provides application-oriented IP connectivity with a deterministic experience and solves the uncertainty of traditional IP connections.

    Currently, there is a serious shortage of IP addresses in Latin America. As early as 2014, LACNIC officially announced that IPv4 for Latin America, but the number of IP connections in Latin America is increasing. Therefore, there is an urgent need to deploy IPv6 and IPv6 Enhanced in Latin America to greatly boost the IP address space and reduce the complexity of network management. IPv6 Enhanced can further provide on-demand, high-quality IP Connectivity.

    4 key areas of value from IPv6 & IPv6 Enhanced

    1. Digital Equality: The rich supply of address resources helps to promote an open and innovative system.
    2. Digital Transformation: The advantages of IPv6 enhanced in reducing network latency, increasing programmability, and SLA guarantees help lay the foundation for cloud/AI/mobile applications in all industries.
    3. Technological Innovation: IPv6 meets the massive address requirements of the industrial IoT and AI service.
    4. Economic Growth: COVID-19 has greatly boosted the rise of the remote and autonomous applications. IPv6 can significantly improve the quality of connectivity in these scenarios.

    With the accelerated development of mobile, FTTH, and cloud services, Huawei has launched an intelligent cloud-network solution to help operators build IPv6 Enhanced IP networks that offer the best experience and support the digital transformation of operators and industries.

    5 capabilities of the intelligent cloud-network solution

    1. Provides an optimally efficient mobile bearer solution, cutting TCO by 55%.

    2. Delivers industry’s most compact super edge CO router, saving 60% in space and 70% in energy consumption.

    3. Comprises a converged backbone network that offers smooth evolution for 10-years.

    4. Includes Cloud-Network Express, which enables agile connectivity to cloud with a committed SLA

    5. Provides a real-time digital map for SLA visualization and network provisioning on-demand.

    Huawei’s NetEngine series routers can be used in various application scenarios such as mobile bearer, enterprise cloud network access, metro, and backbone. They can meet E2E deployment for SRv6 and enable operators to achieve FMC strategies.

    At the end of IP GALA, Huawei Mexico CEO Liu Jiude gave a closing speech, introducing our IP talent plan in Latin America. Based on years of ICT talent training experience and deep insights into industry development, Huawei has established a complete certification system, including HCIA, HCIP, and HCIE certification. The IP talent program aims to help operators and partners quickly acquire new knowledge and master new technologies in the rapidly changing IP technology field.

    Huawei plans to launch more than 100 Huawei certification pilot projects in Latin America.

    In the future, we will continue to implement our strategy ‘of LATAM, for LATAM’, promote the development of IPv6 and IPv6 Enhanced, and cooperate with industry chain partners to jointly promote the digital transformation of Latin America and help build a fully-connected intelligent society.

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