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    Apr 06, 2023

    A guest post from author, advisor, and influencer Elise Quevedo covering the tech, trends, and Huawei solutions in the area of emergency management.

    While “MarchMWC month” as I like to call it has come to a close, I still have two more videos to share!

    Talking to Huawei’s Hong-Eng Koh at MWC23

    During Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023, I was impressed by the booth tour given by Hong-Eng Koh, Global Chief Public Services Industry Scientist at Huawei

    His career aspiration is to help public sector organizations better deal with their challenges, improve their operational efficiency, and provide better services through digital transformation. He achieves it using his knowledge, experience, and thought leadership.

    After the tour, one of the areas I felt I needed more information on was Emergency Management Services solutions.

    In this 10-minute power chat, Hong-Eng Koh covers:

    ➡️ An overview of Huawei Emergency Management Solutions 
    ➡️ How Huawei’s emergency management solutions are being implemented
    ➡️ What does the future of these types of solutions look like? What can we expect to see next from a technological point of view?

    I also wrote more information in my recap article about Perimeter/Critical Infrastructure Protection, Converged & Visualized Command & Control, and Multimedia Critical Communication, which you can find here.

    Follow Elise on Twitter @EliseQuevedo and be sure to check out the full highlight post on Elise’s website here.


    Disclaimer: Any views and/or opinions expressed in this post by individual authors or contributors are their personal views and/or opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of Huawei Technologies.


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