SPN Private Networks: How China Mobile Tianjin Builds Digital & Intelligent Enterprise Services


    Feb 07, 2024

    China Mobile Tianjin aims to support Tianjin’s transformation into an intelligent, digital city with strong network capabilities and emerge as a pioneer in digital-and-intelligent transformation.

    As part of the journey to boost Tianjin's socioeconomic environment and local people’s livelihoods, China Mobile Tianjin and Huawei have enjoyed a long-term partnership.

    In May 2021, for example, the partners jointly released the Smart Cloud-Network brand. Then in September 2022, they jointly launched the Super Private Line series of enterprise products.

    Creating business value

    The release of this series of products marked the large-scale commercial deployment of Smart Cloud-Network based on SPN + mobile cloud. Meeting the high-quality information transmission requirements of enterprise customers in the computing and digital era, this series of products has already created business value across a number of industries.

    Tianjin's largest logistics company uses SPN private lines to connect its HQ and nearly 500 branches. This ensures low latency and smooth operations for smart logistics services, reduces the operating costs of logistics systems, improves economic outcomes, and meets new service requirements in the digital era. 

    Healthcare: A leading cardiovascular hospital in Tianjin uses SPN private lines to access mobile industry cloud services. The solution supports digital transformation into the smart healthcare industry, and ensures the digital experience of multiple services such as HIS and PACS after healthcare cloudification.

    Public services:
     China Mobile Tianjin uses a super private line featuring fixed-mobile line backup to guarantee key services, providing wireless channels to ensure highly reliable service transport.

    With the help of SPN private lines, China Mobile Tianjin has achieved significant progress in the enterprise sector. This further bolsters its confidence in improving enterprise services by leveraging its network advantages.

    Private lines + private networks based on SPN

    China Tianjin Mobile and Huawei have set the strategic direction of upgrading private lines to private lines + private networks based on SPN. The SPN E2E slicing capability and fixed-mobile line backup capability are well recognized by industry customers, with further enhancements coming.Based on local customers’ service requirements, China Mobile Tianjin and Huawei jointly proposed the idea of building SPN private networks over the existing network. By extending the coverage of the SPN private network, the carrier aims to:

    • build enhanced SPN E2E capabilities
    • precisely cover higher-value areas
    • standardize the service provisioning process
    • introduce the intelligent enterprise O&M system
    • provide enterprise customers with intelligent visualization, automated closed-loop fault management, and key assurance services.
    In so doing, the operator will provide one-stop private network services for industry customers.

    China Mobile Tianjin's SPN private network service is set to be officially released in March 2024, following almost two years of development.

    This industry digitalization-oriented slicing private network is expected to align with China Mobile's strategy of rapid transformation from +AI to AI+, and contribute to the intelligent transformation of numerous industries.

    Learn more about Huawei's SPN Private Networks. and don't miss us at MWC24!

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