January News Roundup


    Feb 08, 2024

    Jan 25: China Unicom and Huawei Pilot Large-Scale 5.5G Network in Beijing

    China Unicom Beijing and Huawei deployed a pilot large-scale 5.5G network to provide continuous coverage in three key areas of Beijing. This first-of-its-kind network is expected to become a benchmark for future 5.5G networks and applications across China thanks to its performance achievements, including a 10-Gbps downlink peak rate and more than 5 Gbps continuous experience.

    The network also achieved high- and low-band coordination and flexible deployment of outdoor and indoor 5.5G equipment. It supports multiple new applications, including:

    • glasses-free 3D
    • ultra-high-definition (UHD) real-time broadcast system
    • emerging applications in VR, AR and Extended Reality (XR)
    Learn more about Huawei's 5.5G solutions.

    Jan 16: Team Namibia Wins Huawei's Tech4Good Global Competition 2023

    Team Namibia was crowned global Champion of the 3rd Seeds for the Future Tech4Good Global Competition.

    The team's winning submission, an AI-powered teaching solution YYeni AI, caters to every students' needs, providing personalized individual tutoring in large classes. The app's algorithms to guide students through coursework, showing progress in real time and greatly improving the learning experience, even when teaching resources are scarce.

    The competition encourages students to look at sustainable development challenges facing their communities and use their ICT skills to create commercially viable solutions.

    A People's Choice Award based on nearly 300,000 public votes saw Team Brazil and Team Uzbekistan come out on top.

    Jan 08: Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 Series Ranks as "Leader" in Core and Metro WDM 

    GlobalData's latest Metro & Core Packet-Optical Transport/Platform: Competitive Landscape Assessment ranks Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 series as "Leader", with the series receiving the highest scores in core and metro WDM based on its:

    • leading architecture
    • ultra-large capacity
    • excellent transmission performance
    • mature commercial use cases 

    According to the report, the series outperforms other vendors in terms of line ports, switching capacity and features, port capabilities, transmission capabilities, network management, and physical features. 

    Learn more about Huawei's Fixed Network solutions

    Jan 05: Huawei Launches the GoPaint Online Digital Art Contest 

    Running from January 5, 2024 to February 29, 2024, the HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity lets participants showcase their digital art skills in an online contest.

    Submission requirements

    • A JPG or PNG file (20 MB max), minimum 300 dpi res, and a text description of 30-80 words for each submission.
    • Check your work to ensure you submit it in the right category.
    • Only submissions composed on Huawei tablets (any model) will be accepted.

    What are the categories?

    • Culture
    • City
    • Characters (people)

    What you could win

    • Best Creative Award (1 winner): US$5,000 
    • Best Visual Award (1 winner): US$5,000 
    • Best Storytelling Award (1 winner): US$5,000 
    • Most Popular Award (2 winners): US$5,000 
    • Honourable Mention (15 winners): US$2,000 

    Earn the opportunity to showcase your artwork globally and in app placements, and share the narrative of your creation in video interviews!

    How to enter

    Submit your artwork before 24:00 (GMT+8) on February 29, 2024 in either of the following ways:

    1. Open My HUAWEI app on your phone or tablet, register on the app, and submit your work on the GoPaint page.

    2. Post your work on Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #HUAWEIGoPaint and mention the huaweimobile official account.

    Learn more here.

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