The Global Digital Transition in Governance, Economy & Society


    Mar 27, 2024

    A guest post from author, advisor, and influencer Elise Quevedo on her talk with Huawei's Koh Hong-Eng on the topics of

    • global digital transition in governance, economy, and society
    • the need for comprehensive education solutions, resilient healthcare Wi-Fi, and mobile-centric emergency services.

    We all know countries need to build digital capabilities to enhance national competitiveness, defend digital sovereignty, develop a digital economy, and build digital governments in this digital era.

    During MWC Barcelona 2024,
    I spoke with Koh Hong-Eng, Chief Scientist of the Global Public Sector at Huawei. The real Hong-Eng this time! as his virtual human got us all during his keynote speech at the public services summit.

    We discussed digital infrastructure innovation and the digital and intelligent transformation of the public sector industry. What did Hong-Eng cover during our chat?

    ➡ Customer's pain points, challenges, requirements, and product application scenarios.
    ➡ Customer scenarios in education
    ➡ Unique technology for healthcare
    ➡ Emergency Management Industry

    With the continuous development of ICT technologies, everything is evolving. Let's continue discovering how the evolution of technology can help us be more efficient, save costs, and be more productive!

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