Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum 2024: Get Ready for the Intelligent Era


    Apr 15, 2024

    A guest post from author, advisor, and influencer Elise Quevedo on her talk with Huawei's Hugo Doucet on data storage trends.

    Q1: 0.30: Data growth creates higher requirements on data infrastructure, which in turn makes storage a key part of ICT infrastructure. In this context, what is the Flash Forward Action Plan?

    Main points:

    3.19: Green benefits

    3.41 Energy-efficient use of waste

    4.04 Data Protection, ransomware attacks, seven layers of protection

    Q2: 5.30: Tell us about what solutions such as OceanProtect can actually do

    Main points:

    5.54 Backup, recovery, and restore

    8.47 Ransomware

    Q3: 10.03: What can we expect from the Innovative Data Infrastructure Form this year?

    Main points:

    11.34 Data storage paradigm, breaking the VonNeumann concept, new architecture, OceanArctic

    Learn more about the Huawei Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum.

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