5.5G Intelligent Core: Pre-Commercialization Begins


    Apr 26, 2024

    Huawei and China Mobile Zhejiang completed the pre-commercial deployment of the intelligent and differentiated experience guarantee solution on the 5.5G intelligent core network. This marks a world-first for the industry and also the beginning of the international pre-commercialization for 5.5G Intelligent Core.

    Centered on the Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF), the intelligent and differentiated experience guarantee solution unleashes the potential of network intelligence, allowing users to enjoy ultimate experiences in various data services, such as live streaming, video conferencing, and HD videos.

    Key features

    Network intelligence reshapes business models

    In the 5.5G era, network intelligence is maturing at a faster rate. Huawei has launched the Intelligent Personalized Experience (IPE) solution to help operators monetize services based on differentiated experiences. With this solution, the network can sense service experiences in real time and dynamically perform optimizations. This improves user experience in various services, such as live streaming, mobile office, and gaming. Huawei has completed the pre-commercial deployment of the intelligent and differentiated experience guarantee solution on the 5.5G core network in China, marking a breakthrough in network operations based on hierarchical experiences and setting a milestone for experience-based operations on MBB networks.

    Service intelligence helps operators regain service entries

    New Calling is a pioneering innovation born out of service intelligence. Currently, New Calling has been deployed across 31 provinces in China, and a series of services have been commercially released, such as visualized voice calling, fun calling, and real-time translation. New Calling is expected to serve 30 million more users in 2024. In the near future, Huawei will launch the real-time voice driven avatar service for New Calling, enabling individual users to customize their own avatars and allowing enterprises to create avatars as their digital brand ambassadors.

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    O&M intelligence reconstructs the cloud-based O&M framework

    Leveraging multi-modal large model capabilities and the Hongtu Intelligent Agent, Huawei's Digital Assistant and Digital Expert (DAE) solution redefines the cloud-based O&M framework from four aspects: interaction modes, service processes, system capabilities, and integration modes. The previous human-tool interaction has been upgraded to digital dialogs, and the service processes that used to rely on multi-person and multi-organization collaboration have been automated with autonomous collaboration of agents. In terms of system capabilities, rule-based and expert experience driven data analysis has been redefined as generalization and analysis centered on intelligent systems. For integration modes, intent-driven integration and verification have replaced command-controlled interface integration. All of this helps achieve high network stability and efficiency.

    The evolution of the core network from 5G to 5.5G paves the way for intelligent, digital, and personalized services that will revolutionize the way we communicate. With the 5.5G intelligent core network, communications networks will open up new business models and growth opportunities for operators, accelerating the advent of an intelligent world.

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